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Guilty cadaver buyer
A Pennsylvania man who bought and transported cadavers across state lines plead guilty last week to conspiracy and interstate transportation of stolen property, according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Jeremy Pauley allegedly purchased the cadavers from Cedric Lodge, who worked as the morgue manager for Harvard Medical School’s Anatomical Gift Program. Pauley faces up to 15 years in prison.

Dr. ChatGPT overshadows Dr. Google
ChatGPT may soon rival Google when it comes to quickly diagnosing patients, according to a new study. “[ChatGPT] is definitely an improvement over just putting something into a Google search bar and seeing what you find,” co-author Nieraj Jain, an assistant professor at the Emory Eye Center said in an interview.

National blood shortage
The American Red Cross has announced the United States’ blood supply has fallen by 25% in the past month due to low donor turnout and disasters like Hurricane Idalia. The organization provides about 40% of US blood and blood components. Young people are also not donating as much as they used to. There has been a 47% decline in donors under 30 in the past decade.
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