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Is Microsoft pursuing the nuclear option for its data centres? Meta’s new chatbot goes head to head with ChatGPT and Apple is feeling the heat about criticisms of the iPhone 15 due to, well, overheating.
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Microsoft is exploring the use of nuclear reactors to power its data centers, aiming to be less dependent on local energy grids. The tech giant is considering small modular reactors (SMRs), which are significantly smaller than traditional nuclear power plants, allowing them to be placed adjacent to data centers, minimizing power transmission issues. A job listing for a “Principal Program Manager Nuclear Technology” reveals that Microsoft is seeking expertise to integrate SMRs into its data center power infrastructure. SMRs, like those from NuScale, can provide substantial power for extended periods without refueling and occupy considerably less space than wind or solar alternatives. This initiative aligns with Microsoft’s history of innovative data center solutions, including underwater data centers to address cooling challenges.
Source include:  Extreme Tech
Meta has introduced a new AI chatbot, Meta AI, designed to enable users to search its social media platforms using artificial intelligence, positioning itself as a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The chatbot will be integrated into WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, utilizing one of Meta’s large language models and a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing. The company also announced the launch of AI-backed photo creation tools and 28 AI-powered chatbots, featuring celebrities and cultural icons like Snoop Dogg and Tom Brady. CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted that unlike other tech giants, Meta aims to create various AI products for different uses, ensuring they are not only informative but also entertaining.
Source include: Data Center Knowledge 
Mohamad Al Bared, a 26-year-old PhD student at Birmingham University, has been found guilty of creating a potentially lethal drone, partially using his home 3D printer, intended for Islamic State terrorists. The drone, described as a “kamikaze” and somewhat inspired by the Tomahawk missile design, was capable of transmitting video and was potentially able to deliver a bomb or chemical weapon. Al Bared sent regular updates to IS, enabling them to replicate his designs, and even featured his drone in a propaganda video. The student, who faces possible life imprisonment, was arrested after police discovered the drone, an IS application form, and other incriminating materials at his Coventry home. Al Bared will be sentenced next month.
Source include: The Register 
The iPhone 15 Pro is reportedly experiencing excessive heating issues
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo theorizes that the problem is not with the A17 Pro chip, but is caused by compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight, reduced heat dissipation area, and the use of a titanium frame, which all negatively impact thermal efficiency. 
Apple has acknowledged that several factors are causing the new iPhone 15 to run warmer than anticipated and says they are actively addressing them. 
One issue is a bug in the iOS 17 software, which will be rectified in a forthcoming update. 
Additionally, Apple noted that new phones might feel warmer initially due to heightened background activity during setup or restoration. Some third-party apps, including Asphalt 9, Instagram, and Uber, have been overloading the system, prompting Apple to collaborate with developers on solutions. Instagram has already implemented a fix as of September 27. 
Apple assures that the upcoming iOS 17 bug fix will not diminish performance to regulate the device’s temperature. The company also emphasized that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s new titanium shells enhance heat dissipation compared to previous stainless steel models, negating overheating due to design. 
Sources include: Reuters, ZDNET
X, previously known as Twitter, has experienced a decline in daily active users under Elon Musk’s leadership, according to CEO Linda Yaccarino. Speaking at Vox Media’s Code 2023 tech conference, Yaccarino revealed that the platform currently has 225 million daily active users, marking a decrease of tens of millions or 11.6 per cent from just before Musk’s acquisition. 
Could some of that be because of the increase in hate speech on the platform. Musk recently embarrassed an interviewer who asked about the increase in hate speech but could not provide a single example – clearly a lack of preparation. In response, MSNBC host Medhi Hassan put together a stunning analysis of not only the type of hate speech permitted on the platform, but also showed Elon Musk’s retweeting and comments which were also shocking. 
I’ve included a link to the YouTube video in the show notes. Judge for yourself. And I’m interested in your opinion. 
Source include: Reuters 
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