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Only Snapchat+ subscribers can remove or hide the chatbot

Snapchat+ users can delete My AI: tap-and-hold My AI, go to Chat Settings > Clear from Chat Feed.
Free and Plus users can delete individual messages: tap-and-hold the message, and press Delete.
To erase all past messages with My AI: open the settings from your profile, go to Clear My Data > Confirm.

This article explains how to get rid of My AI on Snapchat. Instructions apply to the mobile app, but the directions on the web version are similar.
Unlike other Snapchat friends, you can't completely remove the AI chatbot, but you can hide it from your feed. It's just as good as deleting it.
Follow these steps if you're a Snapchat+ subscriber:
Open the Chat tab to see your conversations.
Tap and hold on My AI.
Go to Chat Settings > Clear from Chat Feed > Clear.
To get My AI back after you removed it, use the search tool through the Chat tab as if you were looking for someone on Snapchat. Type My AI to find it, then send something to the chatbot to return it to your Chat feed.

If you'd rather unpin My AI, open your profile and go to your Snapchat+ management screen to toggle off My AI. Repeat this step if you ever want to re-pin the chatbot.

Snapchat doesn't let free users hide or remove My AI. This ability is locked away just for Snapchat+ subscribers because they have early access to new My AI features.
However, even Snapchat+ users can't totally delete My AI. They can remove that thread from their Chat screen and unpin the conversation, as you read about above, but there's currently no way to block the AI or remove My AI as a friend.
Your conversations with My AI work like they do with humans, so you can delete individual Snapchat messages from the chat if you don't want to see them anymore. Just press and hold the message and tap Delete > Delete Chat.
Another way to delete My AI messages is to turn on the After Viewing option so that any messages you send will be hidden immediately after My AI reads them. See How to Change Chat Settings in Snapchat for those directions.
Finally, there's an option in the app's settings to clear your My AI data. This will erase all the data from your past conversations with My AI (excluding still-visible or saved content). From your profile, open the settings and go to Clear My Data > Confirm.
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