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If you don’t want My AI to show up on your Snapchat chats list, you can remove it. But there’s a catch.
Snapchat’s My AI is an AI chatbot that you can find right at the top of your chat feed. While this feature is fun to play around with, some users hardly use it. And it can be a bit of a bother because Snapchat automatically pins the My AI chat.
This means the chatbot takes up space that will have been filled by your pinned chats and other recent messages from friends and family. If you aren’t a fan of the chatbot, here’s how to remove my AI on Snapchat.
There are a bunch of useful things you can do with Snapchat's My AI, but if you decide to remove it you'll need to be subscribed to Snapchat+.
To subscribe, tap the Profile icon at the top right of your screen, then tap the Snapchat+ banner. You can then select a plan and follow the prompts to complete your subscription. If you just subscribed, you may need to refresh the app for the new features to appear.
Once you're subscribed to Snapchat+, you can now remove my AI directly from your chat feed. To do this, tap the Chat icon at the bottom of your screen to head to your chat feed, then long press on My AI (or whatever you have name you've given it). Select Chat Settings and tap Clear from Chat Feed.
If you still want My AI but don't want it pinned to your chat feed, you can simply unpin it. To unpin My AI, tap the Profile icon, and select the Snapchat+ banner. Then, toggle the slider beside M AI to unpin the chatbot.
Including the option to remove My AI from your chat feed, Snapchat+ also has a bunch of cool features you can try, like customizing your app icon and pinning your best friend.
And if you decide you want My AI back, you can search for it and send a message or simply repin it with Snapchat+ management.
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