How to turn on ChatGPT’s incognito mode & prevent the AI from telling on you – The Indian Express

ChatGPT may come off as your friend in times of need, going great lengths to help you write and analyse better, but people tend to forget that it’s OpenAI’s buddy at the same time. That means the stuff you type into it and unhinged conversations you have may be given away to the AI company that created the chatbot.
Of course, it’s not like the data is being sold out to advertisers, but those who take privacy seriously would still want none of that. Especially since researchers recently discovered that chatbots can be tricked into revealing data they learned during training, so giving it personal information becomes even riskier.
Thankfully, ChatGPT does let you disallow turning your conversations with it into training material, and today, we are going to show you how to do that.
Activating ChatGPT’s ‘incognito mode’ is simple. Just follow the steps below.
– Log in to your ChatGPT account
– Click the three dots next to your email in the bottom left corner
– Open Settings
– Click Show next to Data Controls
– Toggle Chat History & Training off
On mobile, navigate to ChatGPT’s settings page in a similar manner and then to Data Controls to do the same.
That’s all you need to do to prevent ChatGPT from recording your conversations and learning from your inputs. The only downside to throwing on this switch is that you won’t be able to refer to older conversations as your history will be clean when you start a fresh one. If that’s important to you, you can turn it back on at any time from the home page of the UI, by clicking Enable chat history.
The same page also offers a ‘Delete Account’ function if you wish to go a step further or have simply realised that the AI revolution isn’t doing anyone any good.
One of the main concerns about ChatGPT is that it might be violating your privacy. For instance, it was temporarily banned in Italy for allegedly breaching data protection laws, and many people are worried that ChatGPT is constantly improving itself by analysing your chats.
The incognito mode is supposed to address these issues by disabling two features: Chat History and Training. Chat History is the feature that saves your conversations on the cloud, so you can access them later. Training is the feature that allows ChatGPT to update its neural network based on your inputs, so it can generate better responses.
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