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The intent of crafting a resume is to secure job placement.
It is important to be mindful of how you are presenting your work history and achievements. Thankfully, the advancements of technology are making it easier on job seekers to present winning resumes to recruiters.
If used properly, artificial intelligence can be your friend in this, and it can guide your resume in the right direction.
Maceo Owens, senior program manager of Employee Research Groups at Opentable and KAYAK, weighs in on three ways ChatGPT can bolster your resume.
As AFROTECH previously told you, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot designed to benefit all of humanity. One of its premier functionalities is allowing users to insert a prompt. In return, it will dish out a response.
While creating a resume, you should be mindful in starting your intro phrase with an action word and providing background to your inquiry. Owens finds it most useful to insert a formula that will help paint a story on your resume.
“There’s a formula I already came up with, which is saying what you did, what metric it moved, and what strategies you used,” Owens told AFROTECH. “So I’ll say ‘I increased engagement by X percent by incorporating these strategies X, Y, and Z.’ That tells a story when you structure it that way. I was also able to still have my flavor and style and just let ChatGPT know this is the way that I structure it, but make it better.”
Following Owens suggestion, I inserted the formula into ChatGPT with a prompt that read “Tailor resume for math teacher with prompt ‘I increased engagement by X percent by incorporating these strategies X, Y, and Z.'”
You can find the result below.
Do note, you should still alter your resume to reflect your personality. Simply copying and pasting the example below should be avoided.
Furthermore, be sure to highlight your impact from previous job roles. This will be most effective by integrating data in your resume as it will showcase to recruiters your performance and the value you could bring to their team.
Simone Porter, senior non-technical recruiter for Amazon Entertainment, said during AFROTECH World 2022, “We want to know your accomplishments. Go back into your brain bank, and think about the accomplishments that you have done on your teams, and it needs to be result-oriented. There needs to be data behind it, whether it’s qualitative or quantitative — increasing revenue, decreasing costs, if you’re working on projects, the size of the projects — that data needs to be in there because it shows achievements, it shows you deliver results.”
With ChatGPT, no questions are off-limits. You should inquire about what data points will be useful to fold into your resume.
Owens explained, “When it comes to numbers, I’m already just a big fan of metrics in general, but when you copy and paste like the job description, utilize AI and ask it ‘what are some numbers that I can incorporate into my resume that this role is probably gonna really be impressed by or that’s gonna help to meet the need?’ Obviously ask that question in your own words, but the great thing about ChatGBT is that it gets it.”
I inserted the prompt, “What data points should I put on my resume as a math teacher” into the language model-based chatbot.
Results included “Highlight improvements in student performance, such as average test score increases, percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards, or specific achievements in math competitions or projects” and “Mention the average class size you’ve managed, which can demonstrate your ability to handle diverse groups of students,” among others.
Check out more suggestions listed below.
Additionally, you should always seek feedback, especially when a job opportunity is at stake, Owens says. She suggests allowing ChatGPT to criticize your resume.
“I’ll also say asking it (AI) to criticize your resume, even when you feel good about it,” Owens told AFROTECH. “I have it act as a recruiter and tell me, ‘what can I do on my resume to make it better?’ That exact prompt is extremely helpful. You have to be open to feedback with that one.”
ChatGPT responded to my prompt with suggestions on improving a resume mentioning “Stick to a clean and professional font style and size (e.g., Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman at 10-12 points)”; List your work experience in reverse chronological order (most recent job first); and “Aim for a resume length of one to two pages, depending on your experience.”
Ultimately, your resume should serve as a written 30-second elevator pitch, Amazon’s Porter notes. So, you want to put your best foot forward, and AI should be on your radar to successful promote yourself to employers.
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