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Brian Connolly
September 26, 2023
What is an ecommerce chatbot?
8 benefits of ecommerce chatbots
4 drawbacks of using an ecommerce chatbot
How to find an ecommerce chatbot
What is an ecommerce chatbot?
8 benefits of ecommerce chatbots
4 drawbacks of using an ecommerce chatbot
How to find an ecommerce chatbot
As artificial intelligence grows more and more advanced, this emergency technology offers ecommerce business owners numerous opportunities to boost the efficiency and overall growth of their businesses. 
Chief among them are AI chatbots, which can help sellers reduce the time they spend on certain tasks such as customer service inquiries, sales support, upselling, and much more—all without needing human intervention. 
In this article, we’ll go over what an ecommerce chatbot is, how using a chatbot can benefit your business, and how to find a chatbot for your business.
An ecommerce AI chatbot is a sophisticated program designed to engage with customers in a conversational manner within an ecommerce website. 
Unlike traditional chatbots that follow static rules such as pre-programmed commands, ecommerce AI chatbots utilize advanced algorithms, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand and respond to customer queries in a more dynamic and contextually-aware manner.
AI chatbots and chatbots, while related, have distinct differences that stem from the level of intelligence and capabilities they possess.

1. Basic Chatbots

2. AI Chatbots

Chatbots are integrated into websites or mobile apps to assist customers with a wide range of tasks, such as product recommendations, order tracking, resolving customer inquiries, providing relevant information, and even facilitating purchases.
Integrating a chatbot into your ecommerce website is a great way to automate certain tasks and level up your customer service experience. A simple solution can provide your business with a ton of benefits. 
Here are some reasons why you should add a chatbot to your ecommerce store. 
Chatbots provide immediate and personalized assistance to online shoppers, leading to higher levels of customer engagement. They can offer product recommendations, answer queries, and provide assistance in real time, creating a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.
Unlike human customer support, chatbots operate around the clock. This ensures that all customers can receive assistance anytime, even outside regular business hours. The instant response time of chatbots contributes to a more efficient and responsive customer service experience.
Through data analysis and AI algorithms, chatbots can offer highly personalized product recommendations, promotions, and content. This level of personalization can significantly increase the likelihood of conversions and encourage upselling or cross-selling opportunities.
Chatbots excel at handling routine and frequently asked questions. By automating responses to common queries, they free up human support agents to focus on more complex inquiries. This improves overall support efficiency and allows agents to provide more specialized assistance.
Chatbots can intervene when a customer shows signs of abandoning their shopping cart. They can offer assistance, answer questions, and provide incentives, potentially persuading the customer to complete their purchase. This helps in reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing conversion rates, which are common challenges in ecommerce.
Customer feedback is like gold to ecommere businesses. Chatbots can be used to gather customer feedback about products, services, and the customer experience. This feedback can be very valuable to the business and use it to improve operations or products.
Chatbots can collect valuable customer data during interactions. This information can be used to gain insights into customer preferences, behavior, and pain points. It enables businesses to refine their offerings, marketing strategies, and overall user experience.
Implementing chatbots showcases a commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. In a competitive ecommerce landscape, offering exceptional customer service sets businesses apart. Chatbots provide a modern and efficient way to interact with customers, giving your business a competitive edge.
Incorporating a chatbot into your ecommerce business can lead to a host of benefits, from improved customer service to cost savings and increased revenue opportunities. It’s a powerful tool that enhances the overall shopping experience for your customers while optimizing operations for your business.
While using a chatbot on your ecommerce site has many benefits and all store owners should use one, there are a couple of drawbacks. 
Ok, so you’re convinced that you should add a chatbot to your ecommerce store, but how do you find them? Let’s go over some ways and possible solutions. But first, let’s figure out what your business needs so you can choose the best chatbot for your business. 
Here are a few common tasks and solutions ecommerce chatbots can help execute.
1. Customer Support
2. Lead Generation
3. Appointment Scheduling
4. E-commerce Assistance
5. Technical Support
6. Survey and Feedback Collection
7. Content Recommendations
After you figure out what tasks you need a chatbot for, you can start to research ecommerce chatbots.
Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for chatbots:
As you can imagine, there are hundreds of potential chatbot solutions to choose for your business. Below are some other resources you can use to find the best chatbots based on your business needs and requirements. 
Online Reviews and Comparisons
Websites like G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, and Trustpilot provide user reviews and comparisons of various AI chatbot platforms. Reading these reviews and comparisons can offer valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of different options.
Social Media and Professional Networks
LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups,  dedicated to ecommerce and technology can be excellent places to seek recommendations and advice from industry professionals. You can also search on platforms such as TikTok to see what tools others in your industry are using. 
Tech News and Magazines
Tech-focused publications like TechCrunch, Wired, and Forbes often cover emerging technologies, including AI chatbots. These sources can provide insights into the latest developments and innovations in the field.
Vendor Websites and Demos
After finding a tool you’re interested in, visiting the websites of reputable AI chatbot providers like Drift, Intercom, and Chatfuel can give you access to detailed information about their offerings, including features, pricing, case studies, and potentially a demo.
Shopify App Store
If you have your own ecommerce store, it is likely that you built it with Shopify. Shopify has an app store where you can download thousands of different tools to help grow and run your business. Go to the app store and search for chatbots. 
There are tons of chatbot apps to choose from for your Shopify store. Take some time and go through a few of the chatbots available based on your needs  to see what will work best for your business. 
If you don’t use Shopify and/or need to find a different kind of chatbot for your store, Google is your best friend here. Search for chatbots for whichever platform you use or for a specific solution that you need. 
You will see plenty of results that will be sure to satisfy your needs for a chatbot solution. 
Jungle Scout AI Assist Chat
If you’re an Amazon seller, you might be wondering how you can leverage AI chatbots in your business (outside the context of a customer-facing AI chatbot). Jungle Scout’s new AI Assist Chat is integrated within the Jungle Scout tool, and allows Jungle Scout users to ask questions about selling on Amazon
While this isn’t something you can add to your Amazon listings or even ecommerce store, AI Assist Chat provides support and suggestions for your Amazon business.  
We hope this article gives you a better understanding of what a chatbot is and how they can be used to your advantage as an ecommerce store owner. 
If you have more questions regarding chatbots or Jungle Scout AI Assist, please leave a comment below!
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