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Singles often say they feel stumped when it comes to building an eye-catching dating profile or starting conversations with new matches.
Enter artificial intelligence. Tools like ChatGPT, an AI program that can generate human-like responses, can be harnessed to assist hopeful daters, according to KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Social Discovery Group, a company that builds AI technologies for dating, gaming, and entertainment websites.
According to Dhaliwal, dating app creators have been using AI on their platforms for years in the form of matching algorithms. But now consumers have a chance to put the technology to use too. Some already are using ChatGPT to message matches and create match-worthy written bios.
ChatGPT can be a useful jumping-off point for stumped singles, said Amy Nobile, a dating coach who charges $20,000 per client. Nobile helps her clients build their dating-app profiles, and she also coaches them through flirting, finding compatible matches and turning feelings of self-doubt and anxiety into hopefulness and confidence.
AI can’t replicate that type of human touch, Nobile said, which could be why none of her clients have requested advice for using AI to date.
She explained how singles could use ChatGPT, and the times it’s probably worth skipping AI.
Singles often make dating app mistakes like writing too-generic profiles, not writing enough, or revealing too much, dating experts previously told Insider.
To avoid these errors, try plugging prompts from apps like Bumble or Hinge — like “I take pride in” or “I get along best with people who” — into ChatGPT and asking for response ideas. They can be a source of inspiration for singles suffering from writer’s block, Nobile told Insider.
But there are downsides: ChatGPT provided inaccurate details about your hobbies or sounded too robotic at times, Insider’s Lakshmi Varanasi reported.
It’s important to note that ChatGPT works better the more you work with it and input tailored information. To make the most of it, you can provide context about your personality and interests, Insider previously reported. Or, ask ChatGPT what types information you should provide for the best outcome.
To do this, you can type: “If I want to [desired outcome], what prompts should I share with ChatGPT in order to get the best results?” 
Photo selection is another common challenge for singles.
Dating experts say blurry, outdated, and large group photographs detract from profiles, but they still see these mistakes often. Setting aside a couple of hours to take current and clear photos with a friend can instantly transform a profile, and ChatGPT could potentially help, Dhaliwal suggested. 
Of course, your online pal can’t take a variety of show-stopping photos for you. But it can suggest locations, outfits, and props.
In the spirit of brainstorming, Nobile said singles also use ChatGPT to start a conversation with a match. She tells her clients to use their first message to ask a question based on something they’ve spotted in the person’s profile, or ask something pithy yet thought-provoking. 
When, for example, I asked ChatGPT for a fun question to start a conversation with on a dating app, it offered this suggestion:
“If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it in the bustling streets of [insert your city or their city]?” 
This is playful and thought-provoking, making it great for starting a lively and illuminating conversation with a match.
If you land a successful match and decide to go on a first date, you can also use ChatGPT for conversation-starters and questions that will help you get to know your date better.
Not everyone can afford the tailored advice of Nobile or other dating pros, so a free tool like ChatGPT, which aggregates advice from expert-cited articles online, can come in handy for quick tips.
But Nobile said to avoid using ChatGPT-generated content verbatim. No matter the chat-up lines, written bio suggestions, or photo ideas it suggests, editing them will make your profile appear authentic and approachable, Nobile said. One woman who experimented with the copy-and-paste method said it left her with no dates.
Adding your own spin to AI-generated content is also a helpful practice in asserting who you really are and the types of dates that would make you happy, Nobile said.
Finally, Nobile said she’d avoid carrying out a full conversation over a dating app using ChatGPT.
The same goes for texting a match, Nobile said. She said it’s important to put in the time and energy to express yourself in an authentic way, especially if you expect to get quality dates in return.
If someone leans on AI too much, they could run the risk of seeming different than they are in person, Nobile said.
“With AI, you can outsource the basics, but when it comes to like those little innuendos and your specific and unique energy, AI is going to have a harder time translating that,” Nobile said.
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