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Over six months back, in February, Microsoft introduced Bing AI chat to the world and users were left quite curious. Within few days of launch, Bing seemed to develop ‘feelings’ for certain users, gaslight some, and refused to accept its mistakes. In some cases, the AI chatbot was also seen arguing with users. Eventually, Microsoft fixed Bing’s mistakes and the incidents of the AI chatbot going rogue died down. Today, after more than 6 months of its launch, Bing seems to be in a strong position to compete with other AI chatbots and has features that didn’t exist before.
However, one thing was missing all this time – the ability to access Bing AI chat on other browsers. And recently, Microsoft changed this too as you can now access the Bing AI chat via Google Chrome.
“Chrome desktop browser support: Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise are now supported in the Chrome desktop browser (using the latest Stable Channel update) for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Support for other browsers on desktop and mobile is forthcoming,” the company noted in a blog post.
So how can you access Microsoft Bing AI chat in Google Chrome? Read on to find out.

How to use Bing AI chat in Google Chrome

  • To access Bing AI chat, head over to Google search and type Microsoft Bing AI. Alternatively, you can also visit directly from the search bar.
  • Next, locate the chat tab on the top left of the screen. The icon should appear right next to the Microsoft Bing logo.
  • Once you click on the tab, the Bing AI chat will pop up. You can now ask your questions and interact with the chatbot in the same way that you do while using Microsoft Edge.

When Microsoft encouraged using Edge browser

In its blog post announcing third-party web browser support for Bing, Microsoft had urged users to continue using Edge browser for the best browsing experience.
“While these experiences work well in your preferred browser, for the best-in-class Bing Chat experience, we continue to encourage you to use Bing in the Microsoft Edge browser. With Edge, you’ll unlock longer conversations, chat history, and more Bing features built right into the browser. To experience the best browser for Bing, and get the full breadth of features, simply open the Microsoft Edge browser and click the Bing Chat icon in the sidebar,” the blog post read.

Edited By:
Divyanshi Sharma
Published On:
Aug 30, 2023

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