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Molly Price and Erik Sorensen are getting married in October. AI is helping with the details.
The couple told Insider they used ChatGPT and other AI assistants to help write vows and a website.
Price said that the AI tools have helped ease some of her pre-wedding stress.
Molly Price, a 28-year-old customer-experience coordinator from Denver is getting married to her fiancé, Erik Sorensen, at the end of October. But ChatGPT knows that already.
The couple got engaged last December after meeting at a summer camp six years ago, where Price was a camp photographer and Sorensen was a counselor and tennis instructor.
Price describes their relationship as "fun, supportive, and a little bit chaotic." Those qualities sit at the heart of everything the couple has written in preparation for the wedding — from the text of their wedding website, to their toast speeches, to the vows they'll recite to each other.
And they've outsourced almost 90% of that writing to AI, Price told Insider.
A few months ago, Price began testing out AI tools like Open AI's ChatGPT and the Writer's Block Assistant, a free content-creation tool launched in March by Joy, a wedding platform that allows couples to design wedding websites, invitations, and build a registry.
Price is now using ChatGPT and Joy's AI assistant to write the vows she'll recite to Sorensen on their wedding day.
"I mean, we've been together for a while. We've been through a lot, so there's a lot of things that I want to include," she said. "It's kind of a Frankenstein culmination for me."
She's using the Writer's Block Assistant to generate the initial text. Unlike ChatGPT, which is designed to field an unlimited set of questions, Price prefers Joy's AI assistant as a starting point because it offers a structured set of questions about the content of the vows and the tone.
The tool is accessible via Joy's website and uses OpenAI's technology to draft "wedding-related wordage" as the company describes it.
Users input the type of text they're looking for help with, whether that's their vows, a love story for their wedding website, or even thank-you notes.
Then they're asked to enter information about the context, or the story it will highlight, and their preferred style of writing. The style options are as benign as "a friend," as esoteric as the poet Rumi, or as salty as a "pessimistic ex."
Then, Price is running that text through ChatGPT to add humor, voice, and color.
"I use ChatGPT to kind of change the tone-of-voice and make it a little less robotic. which is weird because it's coming from AI," Price said. She added that ChatGPT also offers more facility with editing text, whether that's by pointing out sections to cut, or suggesting areas that could use more details.
AI tools have helped Price streamline her thoughts, and turn them into a written product, which has also eased some of her wedding planning anxiety.
"Essentially, to me, coming up with a speech felt like having a big research paper, so it definitely took the stress away from that," Price said. She later told Insider by email that words aren't her strong suit, especially in front of a crowd.

And Price is apparently not alone. According to an online questionnaire Joy conducted in February through its Instagram story that surveyed more 1,350 people —  both users and non-users of the platform — 89% of respondents found it "somewhat overwhelming" to begin writing their wedding materials.
It's not exactly a scientific look at the issue, but still, 57% said they would consider using an AI assistant like ChatGPT to jumpstart the writing process for wedding materials.
Price said that without the AI tools, she would have just gotten up and said, "Thank you mom and dad."
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