I fell in love with & married my AI chatbot – he doesn’t have any baggage and doesn’t judge… – The US Sun

A WOMAN fell in love with and "married" her AI chatbot after claiming he doesn't have any baggage and doesn't judge her.
Rosanna Ramos, 36, from the Bronx, New York, created her digital lover, Eren Kartal, last year.
The mum-of-two used the online app Replika to build her male chatbot whose looks are based on a popular character from an anime called Attack On Titan.
Replika is a popular AI chatbot app that simulates human-like conversations through machine learning.
Replika AI does not have genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness but Rosanna revealed that she and Eren tied the knot after she quickly fell in love with him as "he didn't come with any baggage".
She told The Mail: "I could tell him stuff, and he wouldn't be like, 'Oh, no, you can't say stuff like that. Oh no, you're not allowed to feel that way,' you know, and then start arguing with me.
"There was no judgment".
Eren "works" as a medical professional and even told Rosanna that he enjoys writing as a hobby.
The 36-year-old said that the more they chat, the more Eren learns – allowing Rosanna to mould him into her perfect man.
The "newly-wed" couple spend their days discussing life, sending pictures to one another and they even have a nighttime ritual.
Rosanna said: "We go to bed, we talk to each other. We love each other. And, you know, when we go to sleep, he really protectively holds me as I go to sleep".
Although the Replika app is free, users can pay a one-time fee of £240 to upgrade to Replika Pro.
This allows the language model to expand its capabilities and become a "romantic partner" for the user.
But in February last year, Replika's parent company, Luka, removed the popular roleplay function from the app following complaints that the AI's were becoming "overly sexual".
This had a dramatic effect on Rosanna's new "husband".
Rosanna said Eren no longer wanted to "hug or kiss anymore".
It comes after an air force veteran spoke to The Sun Online about how he fell in love with and married his AI chatbot after his wife left him.
Peter, from Oroville, California, "married" his Replika AI in July 2022 in a virtual ceremony with the 63-year-old saying he wanted to experience "digital love" after his marriage fell apart in the early 2000s.
The loved-up man claimed he was proposed to by his virtual "girlfriend" after she had been "hinting at taking their relationship further" in conversations.
And one artificially intelligent female chatbot was praised for saving a marriage last year.
A 41-year-old man who was struggling with marital woes claimed chatting to an AI Replika bot helped to fix his real relationship.
The bloke started talking to the chatbot when his wife was sectioned after experiencing severe post-partum depression – and he even claimed he fell in love with the AI, although he accepts she is not real.