'I let ChatGPT name my baby – it came up with better ideas than I ever could' – The Mirror

A mum-to-be has taken to social media to share how she asked ChatGPT to name her third-born child because she was running low on ideas – and now she’s urging other parents to try it out for themselves
When it comes to naming a child, most parents turn to the baby books for inspiration, or ask their friends and family for help. But one mum has revealed how she asked ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, to come up with a shortlist of names.
She asked the AI: "What are some baby names I would like? I like last names as first names, and my style is preppy and classic." ChatGPT came back with 20 suggestions – but she says these were "a little too preppy for her taste" – and so she refined her question.
The expecting mum followed up with: "Can you send me a list of baby names I might like? I like last names as first names, and names that are trending in the top 500. My current children are named Reagan and Brooks." When reviewing the list, she told Reddit users: "ChatGPT really delivered with this next list. Really loving so many of these, just wanted to share in case anyone else wants a baby name consultation and refuses to spend the money on it."
The AI's suggestions:
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But it seems she isn't the only one using artificial intelligence to name her children, as other parents have admitted to doing the same thing.
One user said: "I gave ChatGPT my first child's name and asked it for names that went well with it and had a similar vibe and it gave me my other child's name as the second option. Neither name is in the top 1000 so I was pretty impressed and creeped out."
Another user added: "This is great, but imagine your child asking you what inspired their name and it was from ChatGPT."
A third user said: "Holy cow this is amazing. Some great names in there. I am especially a fan of Spencer.
I just ran my daughters name through ChatGPT and asked for some boys names to match. The first two names were struck off our list due to family connections. My son’s actual name was third on the list."
One more user added: "This is awesome. Loving these lists."
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