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MENTOR, Ohio–()–, the world’s only Smart Interviewer™ platform powered by deep-learning AI, today launched Phai, a smart chatbot that empowers and educates candidates, recruiters and any human resources and talent acquisition leaders looking to leverage AI technology as a co-pilot for hiring and promotion decisions. 

This release builds on the company’s AI leadership and innovation following the release of the Human Resources sector’s first proprietary large language model (LLM) in June this year which detects and flag responses sourced by generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in real time. founder and CEO Barb Hyman said: “Every 20 seconds, someone in over 47 countries we operate in is undertaking a Smart Interview powered by our technology. This smart chatbot serves as a convenient easy-to-use, independent resource for them to address any concerns and guide them through the process.
“At we have long believed — and were the first to recognise — that in order for AI to be successful in revolutionising recruitment, candidates using the platform need to trust it. The launch of Phai is another step forward in acting on that philosophy.
“It is also a key example of how AI can be used to offer hyper-personalised customer service. No one wants to trawl through long documents anymore. Phai is completely automated and provides immediate responses to questions about our product. It also directs any inbound leads or complex questions to our team.
“Phai is transparent, honest and to the point; traits we believe are fundamental to the recruitment process.”
Founded by a former Chief Human Resources Officer, is at the forefront of AI-fuelled disruption across all aspects of HR. Trusted by some of the world’s most respected consumer brands, identifies undiscovered talent in a truly unique way – by looking beyond the resume to the true human potential of every applicant.
The product leverages the transformative power of machine learning to solve age-old business problems like high turnover while also ensuring a fair and unbiased experience that naturally brings diversity to the forefront. The core component of the company’s innovation is its Smart Interviewer™ which empowers and gives agency to hiring managers and Talent Acquisition professionals while delivering an experience that everyone can trust and love.
Harrison Polites
0409 623 618
Harrison Polites
0409 623 618