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21 Mar, 2023, 08:32 ET
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The new platform enables anyone to “double themselves” with an AI Chatbot that acts as their spokesperson 24/7 
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — InWith AI, a personalized chatbot that is revolutionizing the application of artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the launch of a new social platform available free to anyone in the world. InWith AI’s proprietary database is built using advanced AI capabilities, generative chat functions and multilingual dialogue features, with languages implemented from all over the world.
The InWith AI platform gives users the ability to create an AI Chatbot Clone, which can personally interact with others 24/7, using a question-and-answer format. Users can upload information about themselves, their careers, projects or businesses directly into their chatbot profile. Then people can ask questions, such as, “what’s your favorite restaurant?” or “tell me about your latest project” and their AI chatbot clone will respond just like you’re having a conversation with them.
“Your social media can now talk with people, not at them,” InWith AI CEO and Founder Michael Hayes said.
Fans and friends can even ask the big questions such as “tell me about nuclear physics” or “who are the great philosophers?” and the chatbot will respond in the person’s tone of voice. 
“Our launch gives everyone famous or infamous, big or small, their own AI chatbot where all their friends, fans or strangers can interact with them at any time,” said InWith AI’s CEO and founder Michael Hayes. “We now live in a world of chatbots and AI interactions and these instruments are great relationship building and engagement tools. All of which are garnering unprecedented interest.” 
While InWith AI can be of benefit to anyone, it can be especially helpful for those who receive frequent messages, such as executives, actors, entertainers, podcasters, writers and scientists. The platform offers a free sign-up and a purchase-credits option, which provides users the feature to ask the network or other individuals questions or queries.
“Generative AI will continue to grow into the next few decades. Much like the original personal computer, smartphone or the internet, AI will become ubiquitous in our lives.” said Hayes. “And InWith AI is striving to make AI fun and useful to individuals on a global scale.”
InWith AI is moving generative AI forward by allowing users to integrate the technology into their everyday lives. To learn more about InWith AI visit
InWith AI is a personalized chatbot that is revolutionizing the application of artificial intelligence. It conducts one-on-one dialogue through learning and understanding human language and interacts with its users according to the context and questioning. To learn more about InWith AI go to:
Artineh Aladadian
Interdependence Public Relations
[email protected]
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