Is ChatGPT down? Users report being unable to use AI chatbot – Evening Standard

ChatGPT users reported being met with a white screen on Tuesday
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any users of ChatGPT reported they were unable to access the desktop website for the artificial intelligence chatbot on Tuesday morning, putting work projects on hold.
At the time of writing, the desktop version of ChatGPT appears to be back up and running, however OpenAI, the company behind the programme, has not commented on its status.
Many users shared a white login screen on social media, saying that they cannot progress any further. While some have said they cannot get onto the desktop version at all, others have commented that they can still use the mobile app.
“ChatGPT is down, I am finished,” Ahmed wrote on Twitter.
Lambert added: “Would be nice if you could get your web platform to work again. Because currently ChatGPT is only working on the mobile app.”
In addition, Downdetector detected a spike in users reporting problems using the platform.
Many users are currently being met with this unfamiliar screen, and are unable to go beyond it
Chat GPT has free and premium modes and can have human-like conversations with users, answering questions and completing tasks. It can also be used to write code, which has made it indespensible for many working in IT.
Alan Morrison, who lives in Walthamstow, told the Standard that the site had been working for his job as a computer developer but he had known disruption before. “I use it for coding, writing emails and admin tasks,” he said. “It would be very annoying if it was down.”
The programme launched in November 2022 and the premium mode went live in February.
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