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Barky AI and Highten also launched ‘Canna-GPT’ in April, another AI-powered cannabis chatbot
The “cannabis discovery company” Jointly has launched a new AI-powered chatbot that utilizes a broad range of data to educate users about pot.
The software developer announced the creation of Spark on Tuesday, which it says has been informed by more than half a million unique cannabis experiences shared by users on Jointly’s app and other peer-reviewed scientifically sound information.
Jointly says the app will inform users about 12 goals for cannabis use, nine possible side effects and 15 factors that can impact an individual’s experience. The company has emphasized that advice provided by Spark should not be considered a substitute for medical advice and diagnoses from a physician.
“By incorporating accurate, unbiased, and experiential information, we are striving to ensure that everyone, from newcomers to long-time users, can trust and benefit from the knowledge Spark provides,” said Jointly’s CEO David Kooi.
“Cannabis, consumed purposefully, has the potential to enhance well-being and contribute positively to our lives,” added Kooi with regard to data obtained last year from 200,000 user entries on the company’s platform that he says confirms Jointly’s Theory of Purposeful Cannabis Consumption.
Spark. Photo via Jointly’s website
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The Kansas City company Barky AI also launched “Canna-GPT” on April 20 this year in partnership with a company called Highten, an application intended to serve the same purpose as Spark.
Additionally, The Las Vegas firm Green Rush Consulting launched an AI platform for the cannabis industry called Oddysee on April 20, claiming that it was superior to Chat-GPT or any other available platform for obtaining cannabis information.
“With our generative AI platform, entrepreneurs who aspire to become licensed growers, producers, and retailers can gain a deeper understanding of the complex factors while navigating state license application process and lower costs, and existing operators can benefit from insights and knowledge to improve their products, increase efficiency, and ultimately drive growth and profitability,” said Green Rush’s CEO Zeta Ceti.
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