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Klick, a 2023 MM+M Agency 100 honoree, heralded the free plug-in as a useful tool for supporting healthcare professionals.
Klick Health today unveiled its ChatGPT plug-in for U.S. life sciences companies.
The 2023 MM+M Agency 100 honoree characterized the free plug-in as a useful tool that supports healthcare professionals by allowing them to obtain information within ChatGPT on industry payments using a national provider identifier (NPI) number.
The plug-in is supported by Klick’s MedOcean database and brings together HCP payment data from various sources.
To use the plug-in, individuals need to sign up for ChatGPT Plus (which costs $20 per month), log in and then click to GPT-4. From there, users can choose the plug-in from the store by searching for “KlickRx.” Then they can query ChatGPT about NPI numbers and peruse the results.
According to Klick chairman and group CEO Leerom Segal, the company believes interest in ChatGPT (as well as other generative AI functionalities) has surged among existing and would-be clients. 
“Our goal with this launch is to show a couple of things,” he said. “The first one is how easy it is to explore this data with natural language and organize it. The second one is that you can get around some of the issues that some of the generative platforms still have and that we’ve cleaned up, which is the accuracy of the data.”
Klick chief medical officer Holly Henry added that the plug-in “quickly and effectively aggregates” large volumes of data to answer strategic questions for clients across the medical, commercial and market access spaces.
The emergence of ChatGPT has prompted many observers to ponder its eventual impact on the healthcare industry. A McKinsey-Harvard study released earlier this year estimated that various types of AI, ranging from machine learning to natural language processing, could save the healthcare system between $200 billion to $360 billion. 
Several other companies in and around healthcare have eyed opportunities with generative AI. In February, physician social platform Doximity launched a beta version of a ChatGPT tool for its users. A few months later, a group of healthcare media veterans launched DxCheck, a patient-facing, ChatGPT-powered website that they characterized as a breakthrough in the hunt for a better mobile symptom checker.
Other organizations have tapped ChatGPT to appeal health insurance claims. Some believe that the technology could eventually play a more hands-on role in the clinical care and mental health arenas.

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