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Klick Health launches first ChatGPT plugin for U.S. lifesciences industry
TORONTO, ON/NEW YORK, NY — — Klick Health today announced the first ChatGPT plugin for life sciences companies in the U.S. Built on OpenAI, the free KlickRx ChatGPT plugin gives life sciences professionals the ability to easily and quickly obtain information within ChatGPT on industry payments to any healthcare professional (HCP) in the U.S., simply by entering their National Provider Identifier (NPI). Today’s news underscores Klick’s deep data heritage and ongoing investments in technology, as well as its commitment to rolling out useful and ethical artificial intelligence (AI) tools for the life sciences industry.
The KlickRx ChatGPT plugin leverages Klick’s proprietary MedOcean database, which consolidates data from many different sources, including the open payments disclosure program. Klick’s MedOcean also includes the latest information on medications, regulatory actions, financial filings, chemical properties, social media, and other industry areas of interest to create a holistic picture of the life sciences industry and glean important insights.
“Generative AI systems are fantastic processors of information, but they need data to process,” said the company’s Executive Vice President of Applied Science Alfred Whitehead. “Our KlickRx ChatGPT plugin gives life sciences professionals an opportunity to explore a tiny sliver of our MedOcean data to access and use important industry data within ChatGPT in practical, new ways.”
“What we can do with this data is use the power of AI to organize it. You can combine the data by company [and] subsidiaries, and it’s able to do that in a way that is smarter than just sorting it. This groups it in a way that makes more sense to a person, and then we can ask another third-party plug-in (we used “dAIgram”) to create a visualization of that. So you’re able to take that grouped data, visualize it very quickly and understand the pattern of payments made to this physician. Why is this really powerful? Well, we were able to connect all these capabilities just using plain old English. Nobody had to write any code, nobody had to open a spreadsheet, none of that complexity was there. We were able to ask for and get it, just in the space of about three minutes, so that’s what we’re really excited about with this plugin.”  – Alfred Whitehead explains the power of KlickRx’s new ChatGPT plugin to Med Ad News
According to Chief Medical Officer Holly Henry, “Our MedOcean data lake has been instrumental in providing our clients with critical insights, such as HCP payment information when looking for key opinion leaders across many therapeutic areas. The KlickRx ChatGPT plugin holds tremendous opportunities for medical affairs, commercial, and market access teams who are looking to rapidly profile HCPs and find out who these key opinion leaders are already working with, and to what extent.”
A screenshot of the anonymized search results generated from Klick Health’s ChatGPT plugin, which generates and organizes data on industry payments to any U.S. HCP. “It’s really important for me to highlight that this is the first of a robust suite of tools and capabilities that we’re [Klick Health] going to be launching. They’ve all been built to better enable and empower our customers to help brands realize their full market potential,” Klick Health Co-founder and Chairman Leerom Seegal told Med Ad News. Screenshot courtesy of Klick Health.
Going from data to insights with ChatGPT
For added functionality, HCP payment data accessed via the KlickRx ChatGPT plugin can also be used with other plugins. For example, ChatGPT can be used to organize the data to automatically connect the dots between holding companies and subsidiaries. Users can also pull the KlickRx ChatGPT plugin data into a visualization plugin to create graphs and charts – all within a few minutes and without having to write a single line of code or open a spreadsheet.
“The KlickRx ChatGPT plugin is a great example of the growing number of interoperable, easy-to-use AI tools that connect to each other using natural language ‘glue’ thanks to the power of generative,”added Whitehead. “The ability to load, organize, and analyze data using tools created by multiple companies has been made much simpler using the ChatGPT plugin system.”
How to use the free KlickRx ChatGPT plugin:
About Klick Health
Klick Health is the world’s largest independent commercialization partner for life sciences. For over 25 years, Klick has been laser-focused on developing, launching, and supporting life sciences brands to maximize their full market potential as a core commercialization partner. Recognized by leading global advertising authorities, Klick was named 2023 Independent Agency of the Year by Clio Health; its work has also been celebrated by Cannes Lions, D&AD, The One Show, Art Directors Club, Clios, New York Festivals Health, and the Webbys. 
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The Klick Group of companies–Klick Health (including Klick Katalyst and btwelve), Klick Media Group, Klick Applied Sciences (including Klick Labs), Klick Consulting, Klick Ventures, and Sensei Labs–is an ecosystem of brilliant talent collectively working to maximize their people’s and clients’ full potential. Established in 1997, Klick has teams across North America, with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto; global hubs in London, São Paulo, and Singapore; and plans to open more offices in Basel, Buenos Aires, Munich, Paris, and Tokyo. Klick has consistently been named a Best Managed Company and Great Place to Work. Over the last two years alone, the company has been recognized with almost 30 Best Workplace awards, including Best Workplaces for Women, Best Workplaces for Inclusion, Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators, FORTUNE’s Best Workplaces in New York, and FORTUNE’s Best Workplaces in Advertising.
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