Majority of IT pros have not tried ChatGPT –

4 July 2023

More than 60% of IT professionals have yet to try ChatGPT or similar conversational AI according to interim results from the current TechBeat survey in association with Agile Networks.
The same survey has also found that only 5% of those polled are frequent users of the chatbot, which earlier this year saw the release of its fourth iteration.
“There’s clearly either a lack of appetite or pure scepticism about what chatbots and large language models bring to the table,” said editor Niall Kitson. “What we’re learning is that ChatGPT is an immature technology that is prone to errors, which is to be expected. What is surprising is that our current figures show reticence about trying it at all. As for the 5% we’d class as early adopters it would be interesting to know what they do and don’t trust it with.”


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