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Microsoft Japan announced on the 27th that it will begin offering a dialogue-based AI chatbot service called “Chat GPT” in Japan, which will enable safer handling of confidential government and corporate information. By completing information processing in domestic data centers instead of overseas, it opens the door for strict information management needed for government use. The government is considering using it for streamlining operations and reforming the working style of civil servants, such as creating parliamentary responses and meeting minutes.
According to Microsoft, the deployment of the Chat GPT service for governments and corporations, where information processing takes place locally, is the third in the world, following the United States and Europe, and the first in Asia.
This secure AI chatbot service will provide an innovative solution for the government and corporations in Japan to handle their confidential information more securely and efficiently. With the ability to complete information processing domestically, it meets the stringent requirements for managing sensitive data, which is crucial for government operations. Microsoft Japan’s introduction of this service aligns with the government’s efforts to improve workflow efficiency and promote digitalization.
As the third deployment globally and the first in Asia, it reflects Microsoft’s commitment to expanding the availability of their AI technologies and services. This initiative has the potential to revolutionize information management and enhance productivity in various sectors.
Overall, the launch of Microsoft Japan’s secure AI chatbot service represents a significant step towards improving information security and efficiency for government and corporations in Japan.