Microsoft May Bring AI Capabilities To Apps Like Paint and Photos … – Slashdot

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Gee, and I thought they were removing the snipping tool.
I think it’s being replaced by another similar tool that has a few more editing options. For whatever reason they decided not to improve Snipping Tool and start from scratch. At least that’s what I heard last, they might have changed their minds.
They were just moving the functionality to another similar tool called “Snip and Sketch”–not getting rid of it entirely.… []
So someone will try to ban it
MS Paint porn?
per the eula we own the right to your photos & work done in paint
Paint with chippy!
It looks like you are trying to color a dinosaur do you need help?
If they include Minesweeper and Solitaire
Policies prohibit me installing any of that shit anyway, so I’m safe from it.
This is ultimately all about driving more subscription revenue. Just like the “Python in Excel” news from yesterday, which will require an extra subscription once it reaches GA, I’m sure all these potential ML use cases will only ship all their compute to Azure and require an extra subscription to access.
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I’ve got a bad feeling about this.