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Microsoft-owned OpenAI has released a new guide to assist teachers in effectively using its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, in the classroom. The guide includes suggested prompts, explanations of ChatGPT’s operation and limitations, information on AI detectors’ effectiveness, and discussions on biases.
“We’re releasing a guide for teachers using ChatGPT in their classroom — including suggested prompts, an explanation of how ChatGPT works and its limitations, the efficacy of AI detectors, and bias,” stated OpenAI in a blog post.
Teachers have been finding ChatGPT to be a valuable tool for creating quizzes, tests, lesson plans, and simulating challenging conversations. For instance, at the American International School in Chennai, India, ChatGPT is used to teach students about AI tools and responsible internet use. Students are advised to critically evaluate ChatGPT’s answers and confirm information through primary sources.
“In her classroom, she advises students to remember that the answers that ChatGPT gives may not be credible and accurate all the time,” said Geetha Venugopal, a high school computer science teacher at the American International School. The teacher added one should, “think critically about whether they should trust the answer, and then confirm the information through other primary resources,” OpenAI stated in the post.
She further added, the goal is to help them “understand the importance of constantly working on their original critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity skills”.

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OpenAI has acknowledged certain limitations of ChatGPT through a list of FAQs. The company has clarified that while there are tools to detect AI-generated content, including that generated by OpenAI, none of them are proven to be entirely effective. Additionally, ChatGPT may provide incorrect information when asked whether a particular content is human-generated or AI-generated.

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OpenAI has also launched ChatGPT Enterprise, a business-focused edition of the chatbot app. This version offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, faster GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing extended inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, customisation options, and more. It is SOC 2 compliant, ensuring secure and encrypted conversations in transit and at rest.
Read full report at OpenAI
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