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“Dispensing micro mines, Rogue.”
…and Google Glass makes you look like a Glasshole, why does a backpack fill of shit make any sense at all?
Hell, make a thin client instead Microsloth, and sell your own Azure cloud services!
We’re rapidly en route to Talkie Toaster.
You got it in one. This is just purely idea squatting. They can probably build a meaningful solution to demonstrate this right now (and likely have done, even) and will use it as the basis to sue others for portable “AI” assistant projects.
A Google search leads to the HP VR backpack, which was introduced in 2017
How about an AI-assisted operating system that doesn’t display a goddamn progress bar for 40 seconds when I change directories?

… work alongside personal computers and cloud servers.

… work alongside personal computers and cloud servers.
So a giant phone that connects to the internet: Would you trust the TSA or the local traffic cop or a mall security-guard to treat it like a phone? Maybe they’ll confiscate it and download all its data. You’ll definitely want that AV recording feature, then.
If one needs a backpack-sized computer (think of the heat) to provide simple AI, then maybe, simple AI isn’t ready for the real world.
Dora was ahead of her time!
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