Microsoft to bring Bing AI Chat to Brave and Safari web browsers –

Devesh Beri

According to Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s CEO of Advertising & Web Services, Microsoft is expanding its Bing AI chatbot’s availability beyond just Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, on which it was introduced last month. Plans to bring Bing AI chat to other web browsers, including Brave and Apple Safari, as well as the mobile versions of Chrome and Safari, were tweeted by Parakhin.
Absolutely. Still have a couple of weird UX bugs to fix.
— Mikhail Parakhin (@MParakhin) August 10, 2023

By making the chatbot available on more browsers, Microsoft could be aiming to reach a broader audience and offer its AI-powered features to a wider user base. This could improve the perception of Bing as a competitive search engine and increase its usage.
However, by offering limited capabilities on non-Edge browsers, Microsoft probably is attempting to maintain a unique selling point for Edge. This approach might encourage users interested in the enhanced features of Bing AI chat to consider switching to Edge to access the full range of capabilities.
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