Morgan Stanley To Launch AI Chatbot To Woo Wealthy – Slashdot

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Right? Isn’t that Morgan Stanley’s rationale? “Private banking” performed by AI, with a track record of false information. What could go wrong for the bank?
How many shares of TLT do I need to hedge option spread shorts on TLT?
Why not just a search engine?
Conventional search engines have peaked, and, for example, Google is just crap these days. A better search engine is somewhat realistic using LLMs, so lets hope that works. Obviously the thing about “follow up emails” only applies to very simplistic standardized interactions, as does the summarization of past interactions. Given that wealthy people are generally not that smart, some may fall for this. Some will just leave and take their money to a place where they are still taken seriously. Given that loss
They don’t do computers.
Perhaps their accountant would.
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