Naomi Osaka partners with Meta to create her own AI chatbot … – Tennis Magazine

The first batch of celebrity personalities include Tom Brady, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul.

Published Sep 29, 2023
Waiting for the 2024 season to see Naomi Osaka in person on a tennis court is a tough ask for her fans worldwide.
But online, she’s now coming to fans in a whole new way: Osaka has partnered with Meta AI to create a digital version of herself called Tamika.
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Meta recently announced that it has a line of digital personalities on its new Meta AI chatbot platform. Currently, the company has 28 celebrity chatbot characters released, all of whom are based on their real-life versions meant to address specific interests.
For instance, Tom Brady is a “wisecracking sports debater” called Bru; Dwyane Wade is a motivational “ironman triathlete” named Victor; and Chris Paul is pro golfer Perry who “helps you perfect your stroke”.
Is it just me or does Tamika look a lot like Naomi Osaka?
Osaka’s Tamika is just as riveting, and based on the former No. 1’s off-court interests. She is an “Anime-obsessed Sailor Senshi in training” who has her very own verified Instagram profile already made up and active.
From working on her next cosplay creation to styling her friends, Tamika is showing off her style and coming to you live from a Meta AI compatible platform.