NASA Engineers Create AI Chatbot for Space Missions –

ChatGPT has already taken over every activity occupied by human intervention around the globe.  And now is the time when ChatGPT is also entering the space. Engineers sitting at NASA are taking the initiative to develop an AI assistant. Undoubtedly, the development will allow astronauts to communicate with their spacecraft via voice instructions. It is as similar as the science fiction literature. This development in communication skills recalls the classic image of HAL 9000 that was the supercomputer in Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel “2001: A Space Odyssey”.
The program was not only confined to sophisticated manoeuvres. In contrast, the ultimate objective here is to create an autonomous system capable of managing payloads, data transfer, health monitoring, and other related tasks.
As per the Guardian, the technology includes techniques that allow users to have natural dialogues with the AI. The technology is also prompt as solving the issues or hindrances of talking to it rather than sifting through pages of long instructions.
Dr Larissa Suzuki said at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in London that the idea behind the development is simply to get to a point where they have conversational interactions with space vehicles. They are also being active in taking things back to us on alerts.
Dr Suzuki also highlighted an interplanetary communications network run by AI that has the capability for the identification and correction of any faults that take place.
Dr Suzuki also mentioned that it is a kind of alert mission that operators’ package transmissions from space vehicle X are likely to be lost or fail delivery. They are not permitted to transmit an engineer into space every time a spacecraft goes offline, or its software fails somehow.
NASA is expected to have the intention to make the installation of the technology on the Lunar Gateway. This space station project will circle the moon and assist the Artemis Mission. The projection aims to establish a sustained human presence on the moon.

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