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ChatGPT has ushered in a new era of artificial intelligence, where with the help of large language models (LLMs), people can actually interact with the AI, and ask it all sorts of questions and get responses. It can have a casual conversation with you, answer your factual questions, and even write an essay for you, flaunting the capabilities of generative AI. But, using it requires patience since you have to type long and elaborate prompts, and sometimes even follow-up prompts to ensure that it understands what you’re telling it. However, there is one way to solve this problem. Just speak to ChatGPT and tell it your queries verbally.
OpenAI has added an open-source speech recognition system within ChatGPT to give it the ability to hear spoken words and then transcribe them to written words so it can analyze it and respond accordingly. This feature is called Whisper and to use it, you do not need any third-party apps or follow complicated processes, as long as you are using it on your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone.
This integration of ChatGPT with Whisper was aimed at not only those who prefer using the AI chatbot on the go but also those who have any physical disabilities that prevent them from typing messages. It is both a convenience as well as an accessibility tool.
So, if you are someone who needs this feature to speak long and exhaustive prompts to get pin-point answers from the chatbot, then you need to know how to use this feature.
First, you need a smartphone, because this feature is more convenient to use there as compared to a desktop. As mentioned above, this is available in iOS and Android.
Before moving to the steps, first download and install the official ChatGPT app and then sign in with your OpenAI account. Then, follow these steps.
1. If you are using an iPhone user, go to ChatGPT and tap the sound wave button on the right side of the text field. Similarly, if you are an Android user, tap the microphone icon at the same spot.
2. Once you have pressed the button, ChatGPT will begin recording your voice. At this point, you can begin speaking your query. You can take your time and make the prompt and elaborate as you want.
3. After you have spoken, tap on the button one more time to stop recording.
4. ChatGPT, at this point, will begin transcribing your voice note and turn it into text.
5. Once the text appears, press send. Once you send the text, ChatGPT will send its response.
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