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Microsoft-owned OpenAI is releasing a significant set of updates for its ChatGPT AI system in the coming week. Logan Kilpatrick, OpenAI’s developer advocate and developer relations expert, announced the news on X (previously Twitter). The updates include several new features aimed at enhancing user experience.
Among the highlighted features is the addition of example prompts, which eliminates the need to start from a blank page. ChatGPT will now automatically generate suggested replies and follow-up questions. In addition, paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers no longer have to manually enable the latest version of the OpenAI large language model with each new chat, as it will now be the default GPT-4 setting.
Another improvement is the support for multiple file uploads for all Plus users through the OpenAI Code Interpreter plugin. This feature allows users to seamlessly interact with and upload multiple files while using ChatGPT.
User feedback has been positive as well. One user expressed their enthusiasm for the updates and expressed a desire for a search feature within the chat history. Kilpatrick mentioned that search functionality is already available on iOS.
Another user requested that ChatGPT’s landing pages and interaction pages be translated and localized to improve accessibility for non-English speakers. OpenAI has yet to respond to this suggestion.
Overall, users have praised the new updates, particularly the default and suggested prompts feature. By presenting context-aware suggestions, ChatGPT provides a more engaging and efficient experience for users.
With these exciting updates, OpenAI continues to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT, making it a more powerful tool for AI-driven applications.