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The valuation has apparently tripled since the last funding in April, but that was the period of maximum hype for OpenAI. While the future still looks good for OpenAI overall, hasn’t almost all OpenAI news since then been negative? Reduced user base, reduced accuracy, more competition, etc. I can certainly see why OpenAI would be worth far more today than it was in mid-2022, but being valued higher than April 2023 seems odd.
They’re trying to get funded by the stupid money now. They know that they’ll never hit that peak again.
they might someday produce something truly useful and get smart investor money.
Right now it makes buggy code that doesn’t include edge cases, hallucinates “facts”, writes mediocre predictable story plots, does abysmal math and physics solutions. But that could change.
About that valuation…
Ten days ago, Harvard Business School published a paper titled “Navigating the Jagged Technological Frontier: Field Experimental Evidence of the Effects of AI on Knowledge Worker Productivity and Quality”.
The AI peddlers cite the paper to say that overall ChatGPT (4) increases productivity, but if you zoom in, it shows ChatGPT increased “productivity” with tasks like “pen an inspirational memo” but DECREASED productivity on tasks like “analyze an existing business case based on spread
So, basically, a paper encapsulating the general sentiment around LLMs by people who actually get stuff done. I’ll give it a read.
Remember back when Musk and others donated $1B to start OpenAI as a non-profit?… []
Holy shit, what are the chances that just as the non-profit registered 501(c)(3) charity OpenAI seeks a $90B valuation, Sam Altman announced that they created AGI internally but are too scared to show anyone so you definitely can’t see it?
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