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ChatGPT subscribers who want to get a taste of OpenAI’s custom GPT chatbots can now take a host of different ones for a spin. At its Dev Day event on Monday, the company revealed that subscribers would be able to create their own ChatGPT chatbots for specific tasks. Though that option isn’t yet available, 16 GPTs made by OpenAI are up and running for people to see how they work.
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A couple of OpenAI’s GPTs should be familiar to any ChatGPT user. There’s one for DALL-E that can generate images based on your text description. Another one for ChatGPT Classic uses the latest version of GPT-4 for a standard chat with no extra frills. But the others are devoted to unique tasks, as seen in the following:
Most of the custom GPTs made by OpenAI offer sample questions you can submit to get the ball rolling. With The Negotiator, you can ask it to role-play a salary negotiation or negotiate for a car purchase. For the Laundry Buddy, you can ask how to wash a gray hoodie with white laundry in cold water or how to remove a coffee stain. And with the Mocktail Mixologist, you can ask how to make a virgin mojito or how to make a mocktail with pineapple as an ingredient.
Otherwise, you can devise your own questions and requests to challenge each GPT. I asked Game Time how to play bridge, Math Monitor to explain Pi, and genz 4 meme to define the word retcon. In each case, the chatbot replied with a clear and useful answer. As with the standard model of ChatGPT, I could respond with a thumbs up or thumbs down, copy and paste the answer, or tell the GPT to provide a different answer.
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The ability to use these custom GPTs and eventually create your own is available only to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers who shell out $20 per month. If you’re a subscriber and want to try OpenAI’s custom GPTs, head to the ChatGPT website, click your name at the bottom of the left pane, and then select MyGPTs. From the list, choose the one you want to use and then submit your question or request.