Our free webinar on AI chatbots in games is this week – GamesIndustry.biz

In parntership with Endava, we'll discuss the opportunities and challenges around using services like ChatGPT in games
It’s two days until GamesIndustry.biz and Endava will discuss the potential and risks of using AI agents (chatbots like ChatGPT) in video games.
You can still sign-up for the webinar here.
The session will debate the revenue-generating potential of these AI chatbots, their impact on player experiences, and the risks and opportunities that come with them. Endava experts in machine learning, intelligent automation, extended reality and IP law will have an open discussion alongside the games developer Free Range Games.
The session will be hosted by GamesIndustry.biz and attendees will discover:
The webinar is titled AI Agents in Gaming: How can we maximize revenue and enhance player experience with chatbots today? Speakers Endava’s principal data scientist Radu Orghidan, VP of Extended Reality Thomas Bedenk, IP Counsel Hannah McCarthy, Senior Architect Alex Stittle, and Free Range Games’ Aaron LeMay. GI’s Jamie Sefton will be your host.
Join us for a deep panel discussion as we explore the intersection of AI chatbots and the games industry. We will delve into the applicability, potential, limitations, and risks of using AI chatbots to generate revenue and revolutionize gameplay experiences.
Discover how AI chatbots and generative AI, are reshaping the gaming landscape, enabling accessibility to even the most complex games. Explore their role in enhancing game discovery, reducing churn rates, speeding up game development and addressing the challenges faced by today’s game production studios. Let’s explore together the transformative power of AI-driven NPCs, developing unique personalities that enhance immersion and captivate players.
And finally, we will navigate the ethical and legal considerations, discussing the risks associated with opportunistic adoption of technology to solve industry challenges.
Sign-up to the session here.
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