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DimeADozen is an artificial intelligence (AI) application that helps business owners write in-depth reports about their ventures. It looks at investors, consumers, and rival businesses to provide insights rapidly and effectively.
You can use Chatgpt to write emails, tweets, and even business plans, but can it help you create a software product to pitch to investors?
Yes, it can, and it did for these two young men, who made well over a crore ($1,000,000) from the sale of their invention.
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With the help of ChatGPT, friends Salvatore Aiello and Monica Powers created a business concept testing platform they named DimeADozen.
They contributed a little sum totaling $185 to the cause.
By developing a program called DimeADozen, they were able to transform a meager initial investment (about $15,000) into a thriving enterprise. According to CNBC, Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille purchased this instrument for a hefty $150,000 (nearly 1.2 Crore).
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It all started when they both utilized ChatGPT to practice asking insightful questions in order to glean relevant data.
They saw that many more individuals may gain from this, so they developed an AI study instrument. The procedure was made easier with DimeADozen. Users were able to submit their ideas using a web form; the tool then employed sophisticated mathematical algorithms to provide comprehensive reports about the tool’s investors, customers, and rivals.
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They remain involved with the company in an advisory capacity even after selling the business. They hope that large organizations like Salesforce would use their product.
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