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As iPhones and iPads launch the Claude iOS app, Adarsh takes you through all you need to know…
It is a story fit to be a script for a Hollywood movie! And for all you know, in a few years’ time, it might just become one…
A bunch of people working on ChatGPT felt that OpenAI chief executive Sam Altman was prioritising profits over safety and quit. One of them, Dario Amodei – their VP of Research for four years and the brains ChatGPT– didn’t just quit. He roped in the rest of the bunch and formed a company that would eventually become OpenAI’s biggest competitor, Anthropic.
And now they have launched Claude, a direct competition to ChatGPT, which many experts believe might be even better! It has taken the lead in the LMSys ranking, becoming the first one to knock ChatGPT off top spot.
Claude was initially launched in May 2022 but it has since released two new versions and the latest one is the talk of the town. It has now launched an iOS app that is free to download on iPhones and iPads.
Just like ChatGPT, it is a conversational chatbot that generates human like responses by processing and understanding large amounts of data. It employs machine learning and uses Large Language Models to do this. These LLMs were what Amodei and his team were responsible for while at OpenAI.
Claude is available to users in three versions: a speedy and simple model called Haiku, a slower and more powerful model like Sonnet and the full version called Opus which is only available for paying customers.
Though Claude is a conversational chatbot just like ChatGPT, the difference lies in the fact that the former has a more direct approach in its responses. While ChatGPT focuses on responding in a more human manner, Claude sticks to the facts.
Claude is also more popular for its much bigger ‘context window’ as compared to ChatGPT. A user can paste as much as 160,000 words in the prompt, allowing them to paste even a lengthy novel and ask follow-up questions. In comparison, ChatGPT’s latest version only allows a maximum of 8000 words at a time.
In addition to this, Claude can analyse images and files, something that ChatGPT is unable to do as yet. It lets you use photos from your device’s library, click new photos or upload files. This feature allows real time image analysis.
Scott White, who heads Product at Anthropic is very clear on where the company sees itself in the future: “In today’s world, smartphones are at the centre of how people interact with technology. To make Claude a true AI assistant, it’s crucial that we meet users where they are – and in many cases, that’s on their mobile devices.”
“We’re putting the power of Claude directly into people’s hands. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about integrating Claude into the fabric of our daily lives.”
The latest news is that OpenAI recently changed its policies to allow users to access their entire ChatGPT history, without needing to opt in to allowing the company to train on their conversations as a quid pro quo.
Clearly, Claude’s reception is giving OpenAI sleepless nights and they seem to be in a mad rush to reclaim the number one spot. Whether they are able to do that remains to be seen…
And if they do manage it, well, the Hollywood movie could even have a sequel!
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