Priceline's new AI chatbot will mix ChatGPT and Google tech – PhocusWire

Priceline today unveiled a suite of more than 40 new tools and updates for travel planning and booking, including an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot built on technology from both OpenAI and Google.

“Penny” is the name for the new chatbot that is part of Priceline’s “Trip Intelligence” suite launching today.

Earlier this month Priceline announced it is using Google Cloud’s generative AI technology for its new virtual travel assistant. A company spokesperson said the integration of Google’s technology will be live within a few weeks. For the initial launch today, the bot is integrated with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, as well as Priceline’s own coding and prompt engineering.
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“Because the Gen AI chatbot technology is so new, we are leveraging multiple technologies (in addition to our own expertise) to create the most robust tool and best experience for our customers,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

Along with being able to recommend hotels that meet the user’s preferences and to provide 24/7 customer service, Penny is equipped with security features such as credit card tokenization so users can complete a secure booking right within the chat. Other generative AI chatbots that have been launched by online travel agencies, for example the one announced this week from Priceline sister brand, provide links that redirect the user to the booking portal in the brand app.

“When it comes to the technology we develop at Priceline, our philosophy is always first and foremost focused on enhancing the booking experience for our customers,” said Kevin Heery, chief product officer at Priceline.

“Trip Intelligence represents a robust set of new capabilities, including a first-to-market generative-AI based booking solution, expressly designed to further power how our technology can enhance our customers’ experience.”

Along with the chatbot, the Trip Intelligence suite has 40 tools such as street-level view in the Priceline app that is built on Apple’s iOS Lookaround technology, so users can see what’s around a hotel before booking. Priceline is also enabling flight re-bookings within its platform so users can manage those needs without having to contact their airline. 

“When it comes to booking travel, the choices are endless,” said Brett Keller, CEO at Priceline.

“With over two decades of industry-leading technology innovation and price negotiation, Priceline remains the trusted travel partner for millions of travelers around the world when booking their most complicated trips. Our collection of Trip Intelligence features alleviates the complexities trip planners face, so they can focus on the moments that matter.”

For now the chatbot is only able to handle accommodation bookings, but the spokesperson said flights, car rentals and more will be added in the future.