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Since he signed a new WWE contract in early 2022, Roman Reigns matches have been scarce despite being the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. His appearances, in general, have been sporadic.
In 2023, Reigns has wrestled nine times, six of which were televised and all at premium live events. The chance to see him compete is rarer than ever, and given when his next WWE match will apparently take place, it only highlights how part-time he is.
According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Reigns’ next scheduled match will happen at a WWE premium live event in Saudi Arabia on Nov. 4. It’s unknown when he will return to television ahead of this.
Unless WWE plans one ahead of it, this will mark just under three months between Reigns’ matches when this happens — the longest gap between his bouts this year. He lasted wrestled at SummerSlam on Aug. 5, when he successfully defended the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Jey Uso in a Tribal Combat match.
Will Reigns defend his championship at the Saudi Arabia premium live event? He has only put the belt on the line on television once since WrestleMania 39, and his subsequent matches have all been tag team bouts at premium live events. Reigns’ matches at Saudi Arabia events since 2022 have also been for titles, potentially suggesting what could be next for the Tribal Chief.
WWE has marquee events coming up with Survivor Series in late November and Royal Rumble season starting in January, so it makes sense for WWE’s top champion to make frequent appearances in this timespan. However, given his scarcity of his appearances in 2023, it’s hard to predict how his schedule will look.
WWE has John Cena around as a top face on SmackDown during Reigns’ absence, but once that Undisputed WWE Universal Championship returns, it will be interesting to see which direction programing goes.
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