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Semrush has unveiled two groundbreaking ChatGPT features in its Listing Management tool. These advancements promise small business owners a significant edge in local SEO efforts. This is as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve rapidly, and small businesses often grapple with the challenges of effectively managing their local online presence.

AI-Powered Review Management

Interacting with customers is an essential part of online reputation management. Responding to reviews can shape a brand’s image, but timely and appropriate replies are often challenging for bustling entrepreneurs. Semrush’s new feature offers a solution by employing ChatGPT to streamline this process.
Once activated, the tool auto-generates five suggested replies for the initial five unattended reviews. Following that, businesses can click “Generate Draft” for subsequent reviews, and if content aligns with their brand voice, simply hit “Reply.”

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Here are the highlights of this feature:

  • Efficiency: Capable of generating unique replies for up to 750 reviews monthly.
  • Versatility: Gain insights for responding to both accolades and criticisms.
  • Swift Responses: Enables businesses to address reviews, enhancing customer relations promptly.
  • Full Autonomy: Although AI assists in draft creation, the final say lies with the user, ensuring authentic brand representation.

For businesses that prefer a more hands-on approach, there’s an option to turn off this feature and craft responses traditionally.

Elevate Your Local SEO with AI-Generated Keywords

The Heatmap tab now boasts a dynamic feature where ChatGPT provides a list of pertinent keywords for a business. This isn’t merely about adding more words; it’s about enhancing the precision and relevancy of local listings.
Benefits of this enhancement include:

  • Optimization: Refine listings with high-quality keywords, tailoring content for local searches.
  • Tracking: Monitor keywords most aligned with your brand.
  • Expansion: Identify potential new keywords for each business location, broadening your online reach.

Activating this feature is intuitive; businesses select keywords that populate in the “Tracked Keywords” table.

A Transformative Move for Local Businesses

Time is an invaluable asset for small business owners. By integrating these AI-powered features, Semrush’s Listing Management tool ensures that entrepreneurs spend less time on routine tasks and more on strategic growth initiatives. To harness these AI features, businesses need a Premium Listing Management subscription.
The integration of ChatGPT into Semrush’s tool suite signifies a momentous shift in local SEO management. With the ability to auto-generate review responses and recommend vital keywords, small businesses can bolster their online footprint effortlessly and effectively.
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Image: Semrush

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