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An AI chatbot that enables users to talk to Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain has gone online.
In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Serial Experiments Lain anime series, an AI chatbot has gone online that enables users to talk to Lain Iwakura, the titular protagonist of the series. Anique, a company that specializes in digital logistics and sells NFTs and other collectibles, compiled the Lain AI through use of OpenAI, with the voice powered by CoeFont.
Archived recordings of Lain Iwakura voice actress Kaori Shimizu, as well as the original scripts from the series were used to train the chatbot, which can speak in either English or Japanese in a voice based on the original voice actor.
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The Lain AI is originally very curt with users, but becomes more expressive with its user over time. The first ten messages sent to Lain are free, with varying subscription options available for those who'd like to talk to Lain even more.
The Lain AI costs $20 a month, or $100 for six months of unlimited chatting. Paid users can make suggestions to increase Lain's glossary of learned words, and those users will then stand a chance to win various collectibles based on the Serial Experiments Lain anime series. A $ 5,000 flat-fee, otherwise known as the "Sponsor Plan" features 10 of the aforementioned unlimited memberships, with access to commercial use of the Lain AI.
The series writer and producer Yasuyuki Ueda described his enjoyment of watching the growth of the Lain AI, despite the various technological challenges and difficulties that were faced in its development. Voice actress Shimizu described a feeling of completion with this development, saying that her role in voicing the character 25 years ago felt more like a lending of her natural voice to the character, and as such, she can replicate the voice but can never be Lain Iwakura again. She expressed joy at Lain's evolution and hopes that the AI will reach various generations and countries and enjoy the opportunity of experiencing the "resurrected" Lain in the modern era.
Originally written by Chiaki J. Konaka (Technolyze), Serial Experiements Lain is a 1998 sci-fi anime series that follows 14-year-old Lain Iwakura, an awkward girl who is one of many at her school to receive an email from a classmate – after said classmate's death. As a technophobe, Lain has no desire to interact with technology or the internet, nor does she really understand it; however, whenever she reads the email she is immediately transported to a virtual world of interconnected networks known as The Wired.
From this point on, Lain is plagued with cryptic mysteries and appearances from strange men dressed in black who know a lot about her and ask her questions. Her decisions wind up having huge consequences for both the Wired and reality, as the boundary between cyberspace and reality becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish.
Source: ANN
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