Serial Experiments Lain Turns Into AI Chatbot for 25th Anniversary – Siliconera

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Tokyo-based company Anique launched a Serial Experiments Lain AI chatbot to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the cult-classic anime and PlayStation game. This new experimental AI project is powered by OpenAI and has pulled training data from the original anime’s script and utilizes archived voice over work from Kaori Shimizu, the original voice of Lain Iwakura. Fans are able to converse with Lain in both English and Japanese in real-time, and over time she will grow and learn from her conversations.
Under the supervision of Serial Experiments Lain Producer Yasuyuki Ueda, Anique was able to develop the base personality for AI Lain. The friendlier AI Lain becomes, the longer the conversations will get. She will also become more expressive visually. Also, over the next 6 months, Anique will recruit fans to help further evolve AI Lain’s personality.
There will be updates to AI Lain’s knowledge and special events commemorating different holidays including Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. The content schedule can be viewed below:
Image via NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan
Fans can send up to 10 messages for free to AI Lain by logging into a Goggle account, but there are also two paid plans that allow unlimited access to chatting with AI Lain and exclusive merchandise raffles. A one-month plan is $20. A six-month plan is $120, but is currently on sale for $100 during the first launch month. Some of the merchandise available in the monthly raffles include original cel art from the anime, anime film strips, framed artwork by ABe Yoshitoshi, Serial Experiments Lain video game Main Theme music boxes, and an exclusive staff watch.
The AI Lain Chatbot is currently live to experience.