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Shopify Inc. has unveiled Sidekick, an AI chatbot designed to assist retailers in redesigning their e-commerce websites and analyzing sales data. Sidekick, part of the Shopify Magic suite of machine learning features, utilizes OpenAI LP’s GPT-4 model to provide its services.
Sidekick allows retailers to instruct the chatbot using natural language commands to make changes to the layout of their product listings or add new sections to their online stores. Additionally, the chatbot can generate marketing copy for the website sections it creates.
Furthermore, Sidekick functions as an analytics tool, enabling users to ask questions about their online store’s operations and receive answers in a natural language format. Users can inquire about the cause of sudden increases in purchases or request a summary of previous week’s sales.
Aside from website design and analytics capabilities, Sidekick offers automation features for store management tasks like product discounting. It can also assist in answering common customer service questions.
Shopify is also introducing other features alongside Sidekick. Retailers using Shopify’s e-commerce platform can now issue corporate credit cards to their staff with the new Shopify Credit feature. In addition, an AI-powered tool is being introduced that can automatically generate marketing emails and determine the best times to send them.
Other enhancements include Shopify Connect, which allows retailers to make merchandise from other Shopify stores available on their own websites, and new integrations that simplify the process of listing products on major e-commerce marketplaces.
Notably, these updates arrive shortly after Shopify’s top rival, Ltd., introduced its own AI assistant for website design. Wix’s tool also utilizes OpenAI technology, along with internal AI models developed by Wix.
Ultimately, Shopify’s Sidekick AI chatbot aims to streamline website redesign processes and provide valuable sales analysis insights for retailers using its platform.