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ChatGPT has carved out a lofty place at the top of the AI totem pole. At least, that’s the way it might seem. After all, OpenAI’s global sensation has been at the forefront of discourse surrounding precisely what this sort of technology can do since its inception. While this discourse is far from all positive (yes, it may tempt students to take shortcuts on their homework that they absolutely shouldn’t), it’s prominent indeed. Needless to say, though, ChatGPT certainly isn’t the only AI chatbot making waves around the world.
Another notable example is My AI, with all the might of Snapchat’s bite-sized virality behind it. The root of My AI, the engine powering it, is essentially the same, but it provides many uniquely Snap-tastic functions that make it a very different beast.
The question for those invested in AI is which chatbot is better? Let’s compare the pros and cons of each to try and reach a conclusion.

ChatGPT has a leg up with perhaps the most incredible tool of the internet age, “CatGPT,” delivering silly cat GIFs with every response to a query. Being unofficial, though, this doesn’t instantly slam-dunk an aesthetic victory for ChatGPT proper.
ChatGPT could be considered rather sterile. It’s a chatbot, after all, and simple textboxes are the order of the day. Meanwhile, the idea with Snapchat My AI was to truly implement it into Snapchat and allow the user to personalize it to their taste. To this end, as Newsroom announced when My AI was launched in February 2023, users can “Make My AI [their] own by giving it a name and customizing the wallpaper for [their] Chat.” This means My AI appears at the top of every user’s Chat tab as another “friend” and can be given a Bitmoji makeover just like the user. The idea behind chatbots is to provide the feeling of talking to a person; theoretically, this is a fun way to deliver that.
The issue, however, is that My AI’s leap from a Plus subscriber exclusive to every single Snapchat user on the platform was greeted about as warmly as the time U2 thrust “Songs of Innocence” onto every iTunes account in the galaxy. ChatGPT may better serve those who prefer a clear, simple, serious experience, while Snapchat’s My AI, for better or for worse, is the kookier, more colorful option.

For many, the question of which chatbot is “better” will come down to two specific factors: which is powered by a more advanced AI model and which has a costlier subscription to pay (if applicable).
On its February 2023 launch, My AI cost a monthly $3.99 to access, as it was tied to Snapchat Plus. Using OpenAI’s Foundry service, Snapchat employed one of the most sophisticated versions of GPT, 3.5. As discussed, it’s now available to every Snapchat user, a significant step forward in accessibility, even if its mandatory presence has irked many. It’s also geared to be more of a chatbot, lacking web-searching functionality and unable to discuss potentially troublesome topics or produce “academic” works. Its features are limited in comparison to other implementations of GPT 3.5.
ChatGPT, meanwhile, offers a subscription model, ChatGPT Plus. It’s priced at a premium of $20 monthly, but this grants access to GPT-4. The free model is, mechanically, the same as the one that powers My AI, but GPT-4 represents a considerable step up in crucial areas like the accuracy of information provided and the sophistication of the resultant prose. It’s rather more demanding as a result, though.

Millions of people around the world are getting involved with the AI phenomenon. Some are professionals or leaders of larger businesses who need the functionality only a model as powerful as GPT-4 can provide. GPT-4 is also utilized by Bing Chat, another option interested parties may want to pursue. ChatGPT, generally, has rather more of an academic, professional focus, and its simple interface and the relatively high cost of its premium features tie into that.
By contrast, Snapchat My AI reflects its nature as a chatbot tailored for Snapchat. The avatar-creation capabilities and fun, experimental nature of its advertised abilities -– Snapchat Support boasts that My AI will respond to Plus users with a photo Snap of its own if it’s sent one –- indicate that it’s well suited to those who want to know what the AI fuss is all about, but not, perhaps, drill down into its specifics.
Your specific needs and interest will determine which of the two chatbots is the best. It’s crucial to remember that while they’re so different, the fundamental concerns around using such chatbots, such as privacy, persist.