Snapchat+ reaches 4 million paid subscribers since launching a year ago – Yahoo! Voices

Snapchat announced today that its Snapchat+ subscription service has reached 4 million paid subscribers in its first year since launching. The company also revealed two upcoming features that subscribers will get access to in the near future.
The first feature is called "Expressive Chat Messages" and lets users send messages in bigger font sizes. The second new upcoming feature is called "Custom Chat Colors" and lets users pick the color their name appears as in chats. Snapchat currently makes your name appear in red by default in chats, but subscribers will soon be able to select the specific hue they want their name to appear in.
Image Credits: Snapchat
Snapchat's latest milestone comes as the company revealed back in April that its subscription service reached 3 million paid users. After launching in June 2022, Snapchat+ reached the 1 million subscriber mark last August and the 2 million subscriber mark in February.
Although the subscription service is showing steady growth, the latest number still only represents a small portion of the app's 375 million daily active users.
In the time since its launch, Snapchat+ has launched several notable features, including an AI-powered chatbot called "My AI." Although the feature was initially only available to subscribers, the company later made the chatbot free for all users. However, Snapchat announced exclusive My AI perks for subscribers, including a new generative AI feature that allows Snapchat+ subscribers to send Snaps of what they’re up to in order to receive a generative Snap back from the in-app chatbot.
Snapchat+ costs $3.99 per month and gives subscribers access to experimental and pre-release features, along with custom app themes, unique app icons, the ability to pin your No. 1 BFF and more. The subscription service is available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
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