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By Kennedi Walker
/ CBS Texas
NORTH TEXAS ( – ChatGPT could be considered a student’s dream.
The popular artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot generates writing and can write whatever you want quickly and convincingly. It can write essays, answer math problems, and more.
This has some worried over the potential of cheating in the classroom. School districts in New York and Seattle banned the AI on school devices but local schools have chosen to embrace it.
Dallas ISD, Texas’ second-largest public school district, released this statement: 
“Dallas ISD has decided to embrace responsible use of Ai technology such as ChatGPT. To combat plagiarism concerns, the district will begin with establishing ethical use guidelines for staff and students. Professional learning for teachers and staff, as well as training opportunities for students will be incorporated into a Digital Citizenship focus. Dallas ISD believes that by learning about using Ai technologies responsibly and ethically, students will understand the importance of creating original content and citing sources to avoid plagiarism.”
Fort Worth ISD has not immediately responded for comment.
Local universities TCU and UTA say they’re giving professors the freedom to decide what they want to do.
“The reality is ChatGPT is here to stay,” said UTA communication professor Dr. Andrew Clark. “It is shaping the future. It’s going to become harder and harder to tell, what is real and what is not.”
TCU business professor Dr. Beata Jones says over the summer she taught her colleagues how to make ChatGPT a constructive tool.
“Essentially its on the faculty to eliminate the opportunity for students to respond to the assignment with simply a cut and paste,” said Dr. Jones. “The worst thing faculty can do is just to ignore the existence of this technology because it does not provide any guidance to the student.”
Kennedi Walker is an award-winning journalist from New Orleans. Before moving to Texas, she was a reporter in Baton Rouge where she was awarded Multi-Media Journalist of the Year by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters.
First published on August 23, 2023 / 7:07 AM
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©2023 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.