Tech Bytes – Week in Review: Google doubles down on AI, ChatGPT gets chatty and Congress charts a path for AI … – Marketplace

On this week’s Tech Bytes: Week in Review, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for a heap of new spending on artificial intelligence research. We’ll look at where the proposed $32 billion annually is likely to go.
And some of the biggest players in AI tried to outdo one another this week. OpenAI said it’s giving ChatGPT an upgrade and a personality while Google is trying to remake search with its AI model, Gemini.
Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke with Anita Ramaswamy, financial analysis columnist at The Information, for her take on these stories.
It’s the end of Google search as we know it” from Wired  
Google’s AI answers could come back to bite it” from The Washington Post  
Google’s Gemini video search makes factual error in demo” from The Verge 
Big Tech keeps spending billions on AI. There’s no end in sight.” from The Washington Post
Bipartisan group of senators unveil long-awaited guidance on AI bills” from Politico  
Senators propose $32 billion in annual AI spending but defer regulation” from The New York Times  
TikTok broke the tech law logjam. Can that success be repeated?” from The New York Times  
Introducing GPT-4o” from OpenAI  
I am once again asking our tech overlords to watch the whole movie” from Wired  
Sam Altman gracefully thanked his OpenAI cofounder who quit. Then another exec quit hours later.” from Business Insider  
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