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Getting ready for Tennessee Titans gameday starts with jerseys and outfits — a mixture of navy, Titans blue, red, silver and white. Face paint is preferred, but optional.
It continues at Nissan Stadium with lots of team spirit, which keeps the place rocking.
Then there’s your debit card. The cost for families to attend NFL games continues to soar, from souvenirs and suites to parking and pretzels.
While Titans fans enjoy some of the lowest-priced tickets in the league, rates still average $265 a seat, according to TicketSmarter.com. Add in a hot dog and a beer, postgame celebrations and other costs and it all amounts to hundreds of dollars for a family of four.
That’s why we compiled this list of the best deals to maximize fun and, hopefully, save fans some bucks. Check out our tips below.
Want to save big bucks? Get ready to take big risks.
We’re talking last-minute, game-time decisions. A procrastinator’s dream.
A FinanceBuzz analysis discovered an 18% average savings, totaling about $40 per ticket, for fans who purchased seats the week of NFL games. In contrast, seats purchased three months in advance cost 16% more than average resale prices.
The resale market adjusts for demand, clearing running lanes for last-minute deals.
It gets better, Titans fans. And riskier. 
The best time to snag deals on Titans tickets? Hours before kickoff — the day of the game or even better, minutes into the first quarter. You can expect to save an average of $37 per ticket, according to FinanceBuzz.com.
That’s if seats are still available. So there’s that.  
One of the most expensive Titans home games this season is against the Cincinnati Bengals on Oct. 1. As of Sept. 8, seatdata.io showed online tickets sold for an average of $142.
Want more Titans gameday deals? The franchise offers revolving promotions and package deals on its website.
If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box holiday outing, tickets for the Christmas Eve game against the Seattle Seahawks are relatively cheap, averaging $36. The Titans also offer a “family four pack” for some games, including against the Seahawks. For $180, fans get four tickets, concessions and beverages.
Flex plans start at $91 for two-game packages. And for $131, you get all-you-can-eat hot dogs, pretzels and sodas.
The Fireball Fast Pass — a $400 ticket that grants access to 2023 home games in the 300 level of seats — is sold out. Sorry ‘bout that. 
The Titans offer single-day suite rentals with prices typically ranging in the thousands. Or go all out and grab a suite for the year. Prices include VIP parking, priority access for all events at Nissan Stadium and other benefits.
Prices vary and aren’t explicitly listed online. Learn more about all ticket options at tennesseetitans.com/tickets.
So you saved money on your Titans ticket, only to give it back to a parking lot attendant? 
One of the trickier parts of attending a Titans game is getting to Nissan Stadium, especially because only parking pass holders can park at the stadium, and all Titans lots are sold out for the 2023 season.
Even worse: Many public lots increase rates on gamedays.
According to spothero.com, parking lot rates run as much as $60. Rates decrease farther away from the stadium, but wear comfortable shoes for the walk to and from the car.
To combat this, the Titans and InShuttle offer a gameday park-and-ride system. Buses begin loading at several locations 90 minutes before kickoff and run until 15 minutes after kickoff. After games, buses continue to run for about 90 minutes.
Round-trip tickets for all riders are $15 (children 5 and under are free but must sit on an adult’s lap) and can be purchased at each park-and-ride location. 
For regular-season games, football fans traveling from Lebanon and other spots east of Nashville can ride the Titans Express. Train service begins in Lebanon with stops in Hamilton Springs, Martha, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage and Donelson before arriving in Nashville.
Here’s the catch: Only 650 tickets are available for each home game. Round-trip tickets cost $15. Children age 4 and younger don’t need a ticket to board, however, they are required to sit on an adult’s lap.
You could just open an app on your smartphone.
Rideshare areas are located at Nissan Stadium’s parking lot E (North) and at the intersection of South Second Street and Crutcher Street (South).
If you choose to Uber or Lyft to Titans games, remember that rideshare rates often increase during special events.
Because fans are not allowed to bring food into Nissan Stadium, the options are: 
A. Eat before you come.
B. Visit stadium concessions. 
C. Starve while you smell your neighbor’s French fries and cheeseburger.
Of course, tailgating prior to kickoff is a tasty way to enjoy a variety of grub. But that isn’t always an option.
The stadium has 62 concession stands — including smoked delights from Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, pizza from Slim + Husky’s and Nashville hot chicken from Party Fowl — ensuring you don’t have to venture far to enjoy something yummy.
Be prepared to pay for that variety and convenience — with a credit or debit card. Nissan Stadium is 100% cashless. 
A number of concessions sell fried chicken, burgers, pizza and beverages starting at about $10 and up. For a family of four, that can top $100 quickly.
Want to grab a Titans jersey or snag a souvenir? The Titans Pro Shop is adjacent to Gate 1 on the east side of Nissan Stadium. (If you’re going on a non-event day, there’s free parking.)
The Titans create unique deals for each game, such as discounts on hats and other gear. You can spend as little as $10 for a Titans can cooler or splurge for a limited edition Derrick Henry jersey.
Cost: $175.
Find out more at titansproshop.com or swing by the store.
The Titans host an ongoing series of giveaways, with freebies ranging from tater tots to a golf outing with Titans legend Brett Kern. Find the latest contests and promotions at tennesseetitans.com/fans/promotions
The Titans also hand out freebies for the first guests through gates during home games. That information is typically included as you book your ticket.
Want to skip the shuffle of tickets, parking and stadium prices? 
Post up at just about any sports bar or eatery in the Nashville area with a TV. Closer to town, from Belle Meade to Broadway, there are plenty of bars and restaurants that offer a haven for Titans fans. Find the full rundown at tennesseetitans.com/fans/gameday-hangouts.
Rachel Wegner contributed to this story.