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Hoping to pick up Spanish as a second language? Use these top websites that’ll help you learn the language for free. Muy bien!
Whether you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or just want to learn the language, using the right language-learning platforms can make the process easier and more fun.
The good news is that there are numerous websites out there that offer free learning plans to help you master the language. Here are the best websites worth checking out if you’re looking to study Spanish.
Duolingo revolutionized language learning with its gamified approach. The platform offers an array of lesson plans to help people with different proficiency levels learn Spanish. Whether you're a complete beginner or are just looking to polish your Spanish-speaking skills, Duolingo's short and interactive lessons and exercises are a great option.
The learning activities on the platform can help you read, write, and speak with considerable fluency over time if you keep at it. What’s more, the adaptive learning system tracks your progress, so you know how much you’ve progressed and where you stand.
While the free version of Duolingo allows you to access all learning content on the platform for free, you can sign up for the premium subscription if you want an ad-free experience.
Busuu’s language-learning model combines self-paced study with the option to practice the language with native speakers around the world. The self-paced study is made up of expertly designed lesson plans, which include interactive and multimedia-rich content, reminders to keep you on track with your learning goals, and simple assignments to help you gauge your progress.
You can also interact with members of Busuu’s community, allowing you to share your knowledge and learn together. While you can use Busuu for free, subscribing to the paid version of this platform will help you access ad-free lesson plans, access learning certificates, and other perks.
Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive interface and a free sign-up process, getting started with Memrise is relatively straightforward. Once you’re on the website, you can choose the language you’d like to start learning to access free lesson plans and courses.
The lesson plans cover polite expressions, numbers, and vocabulary you’ll need to know to order food at a restaurant and express health concerns, among other things. The platform features an activity and progress tracker. What’s more, you also have access to Memrise’s AI chatbot to practice the language you’re trying to learn.
Users can have two free conversations every day (Memrise PRO users get unlimited free conversations). Still, even the free version can help you get a hang of speaking the language in a conversational manner.
Loecsen’s holistic learning approach is the perfect option for beginners. The lesson plans were developed with two goals in mind: to help you learn the vocabulary you’ll need to communicate, and to show you that you’re capable of picking up a new language at any age.
The learning plans on the platform follow a three-step approach. In the first stage, you’ll listen to a native speaker speak simple phrases and try to repeat them to the best of your ability.
The next stage will require you to listen to the phrases you learned. You can do this before bed, as soon as you wake up, or while you’re doing other tasks. This continuous exposure helps reinforce your memory and will help you internalize key phrases. The final stage requires you to take a quiz, so you can test your grasp of the language.
123 Teach Me is one of the best online language-learning platforms that caters to both adults and children. Featuring both self-paced learning and immersive interaction modules, the platform can help you pick up a new language quickly.
The lesson plans on 123 Teach Me are designed by experts and include plenty of interactive multimedia in the form of games and activities. The website also features other useful tools like a verb conjugator and a Spanish sentence maker, both of which can significantly aid your learning process.
While it’s not a traditional language learning tool, Rhino Spike helps you get a hang of native-level fluency by exchanging audio files with native speakers. So, if you have some foreign-language text that you’d like to be able to speak or read correctly, you can make a request through the platform.
Once the text has been transcribed, you can download the audio file. Alternatively, you can also use the platform to record audio for people who make requests. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with authentic pronunciation, which can come in handy, especially if you’re traveling and expect to be communicating with native speakers.
Coursera partners with accredited, well-reputed educational institutions across the world, helping you learn languages from experienced instructors. This platform is undoubtedly an excellent option for people who prefer to learn Spanish in a more formal, academic setting.
The best part about Coursera is that enrolling in courses is typically free, helping you get a hang of the language from the comfort of your home. If you find a certain course to be helpful, you can pay to complete graded assignments and get a course certificate, which you can then add to your LinkedIn profile or resume.
There are numerous courses available for you to sign up for on Coursera, so while you may come across a few outdated lesson plans, the majority of the courses are likely to be up-to-date and aligned with your learning needs.
If you’re looking to learn Spanish online, LearnALanguage is an interesting platform to look into. While not as well known as the other option on this list, this platform offers numerous lesson plans to help you pick up common words, verbs, phrases, and more.
The lesson plans are designed in a way to make them suitable for both new learners and those who are familiar with the language. So, whether you’re looking to pick up essential Spanish phrases or expand your vocabulary, this platform makes an excellent learning companion.
While these websites provide exceptional lesson plans, engaging multimedia, and interesting assessments to help you pick up Spanish with ease, your learning does not have to stop here.
Thanks to technology, you can learn any language of your choice anywhere and at any time using your smartphone. So, if you’d like to try learning a new language while you’re on the go, make sure to look up a few popular language-learning apps for your smartphone.
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