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It’d only be the 4th or 5th chat product Google killed.
What, you’re not going to run up and kick the football?
This really isn’t about the individual user. My employer pays for Google Workspace and so makes us use Google Chat. Which makes sense, because why pay for two chat clients? I’m just glad Google is finally catching up and making Chat more tolerable than the garbage it currently is.
I’m pretty sure Google Chat has been around, in some form, longer than either Slack or Teams.
now that you’re done fellating yourselves over the newest AI buzzwordy crap, can we get some features that were actually useful added back in, that for whatever retardedly inexplicable Google Reason removed — put back in?
>ability to pop individual chat conversations out into their own window (so you don’t need to keep gmail up in its entirety)
>ability to access via API so that better, less cunty chat apps can be used instead of the aforementioned gmail garbage?
Thanks google you guys are the best!
Time and again we have seen that systems with a developer friendly API end up more useful and popular than closed systems but they just can’t let go of “controlling the end to end user experience in accordance with our branding document”.
It’s almost like they want to fail.
Btw, am I the only one who has given up trying to figure out what services Google offers? I use gmail and through that calendar but the rest is a blizzard of random unknown icons to me on the app list box.
If it will simply drop anything coming from Teresa (yes, I’m talking about you Teresa), all those screenshots and lame meme pics and inane questions and way to long explanations of simple things, then I am on board the AI chat train! Woo! Woo!
Or just auto-reply with a thumbs up or, Teresa’s favorite, the heart icon.
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