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AI chatbots are coming to your Salesforce applications and it looks like it'll all of them. Company executives had a lot to show off during Tuesday's Dreamforce 2023 keynote address, including major updates to both its Einstein AI and Data Cloud services.
Einstein AI has received a slew of updates and upgrades since we saw it integrated with Slack back in May. The new Copilot service will take the existing AI chatbot and tune it to a client company's specific datasets using their Salesforce Data Cloud data. This enables the Einstein AI to provide better, more relevant and more actionable answers to employees' natural language questions and requests.
"Copilot is a conversational AI assistant for both companies and employees to securely and safely access generative AI to do their jobs better, faster and more easily," Salesforce CEO of AI, Clara Shih, said during a press call monday. "It's going to be available to every Salesforce user across every cloud."
The new Copilot Studio takes that tuning process a step further, allowing customers to "customize Einstein Copilot with specific prompts, skills, and AI models," per a Monday release. This more tightly structures Einstein's behaviors without constricting its generative capabilities. What's more, Salesforce executives announced that Copilot will be available across a variety of mobile platforms, including "real-time chat, Slack, WhatsApp or SMS."
"We think that there is an incredible opportunity in AI," Patrick Stokes, Salesforce EVP and GM of Platform, said during the press call. "We think that it is creating jobs, we think that it is driving productivity across organizations… we also think that as customers and businesses are driving towards these AI strategies, they may not have the platform that they really want or that they really need."
He notes that much of their customers' data is fractured and split among different applications, data lakes, APIs and vendors. "This is all leading to low productivity, and what they really want, is one connected platform or one that will connect their data," Stokes continued. To address that need, Salesforce also announced that it is integrating the chatbot with its Data Cloud service to create a one-stop platform for building low-code AI-powered CRM applications. Salesforce calls it the Einstein 1 Platform.
"All of these fields coming together from different systems that speak different languages… now speak one language on the platform," Shih said. "Any data from any system can now be used like any other object or field in Salesforce."
One of Salesforce's first big innovations was its metadata framework a system that describes the relationship between, and behaviors of, individual pieces of a company's data. That metadata framework is also an ideal medium for training machine learning models to better understand customer interactions and business operations, thereby improving and refining their performance.
"Much of Salesforce is built on this metadata framework — from our platform to analytics, commerce, sales service and marketing," Stokes said. "Now our Data Cloud and Einstein are really giving you one platform where you can build all of your customer experience in one place with all of the data and AI that you need."
To minimize the rate of hallucination and false responses by the AI, Salesforce has developed the "Einstein trust layer" which we first saw roll out to the company's CRM applications in March. The trust layer both secures data retrieval from the cloud and masks any sensitive or proprietary information before passing it on to the language model with another round of toxicity checks after that.
The company does not deny that this new generation of generative AI can and likely will lead to job losses, such as coders whose services will be replaced by Einstein 1, but remains confident that there is reason for optimism. "I think it is a it's a big moment in time and there will certainly be impact a certain jobs," Shih admitted. "There's also certainly going to be a new jobs that are being created such as prompt engineer." Oh boy, a prompt engineer, the career every kid dreams of.
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