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Time to chat? Gen Z reveals ways to improve their online shopping experience

Joanne Friedrick//Research Editor//September 19, 2023
NEW YORK — Gen Zers worldwide have come up with five ways to enrich their online shopping journey, and they rely on artificial intelligence.
Nearly all (88%) of Gen Z members participating in a Rokt/Harris Poll survey said A.I. has the wherewithal to improve the e-commerce experience, with more than half (55%) expressing interest in using an A.I. assistant to simplify product discovery. The numbers were nearly as high for Millennials, 77% of which felt A.I. improved online shopping and 52% saying they’d like an A.I. assistant.
The three top reasons Gen Z and Millennials gave for wanting an A.I.-enabled assistant were the ease of discovering new things, 35%; making online shopping convenient, 33%; and anticipating their needs and desires, 33%.
The five ways in which A.I. can enhance their digital buying experience, according to Gen Z, are by comparing prices, cited by 47%; finding deals, 45%; giving relevant offers and product suggestions, 41%; offering personalized assistance, 37%; and finding reviews, 28%.
“Brands and retailers across categories are scrambling to identify how they can best use A.I. to elevate their e-commerce customer experience and drive revenue,” said Elizabeth Buchanan, chief commercial officer at Rokt. “The research provides decision-makers with a roadmap for creating new strategies and implementing advanced tech, such as A.I., to significantly help improve the online shopping experience in ways that will surprise and delight shoppers.”
One of the reasons A.I.’s help is so desirable is that shoppers are overwhelmed when shopping online. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. consumers said they felt exhausted by the number of choices they face. And 62% said they are spending more time online looking for lower prices, better deals and the like.
The survey was conducted by The Harris Poll, on behalf of Rokt, from May 1 to 15. Survey respondents consisted of 6,023 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and Japan.
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