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Enter the world of AI Companions! Discover the 15 best AI girlfriend chatting apps with our guide to virtual relationships and AI conversations.
Feeling lonely? Craving a chat at 3 AM? Or just looking for a unique spin on your digital life? AI-powered girlfriends are here for you!
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AI has made incredible strides in recent years, and its practical applications have blown our minds. One application is the creation of AI-driven companions aka girlfriends or boyfriends. People who are lonely or looking for a companion are increasingly turning to AI Girlfriend Chatting Apps and we must say, it’s entertaining. Apps that simulate human interaction have the potential to be both social and entertaining.
So, if you want to indulge in making an AI girlfriend, this article lists the top AI girlfriend chatting apps in 2023. Let’s get started, shall we?

My Virtual Girlfriend App Home Page Snapshot
This is a romantic adventure for the modern day. Pick a lady, memorize her eccentricities, and make her yours. This isn’t just a girlfriend simulator; it’s a genuine dating game with all the bells and whistles, like going on dates and accomplishing meaningful goals together.
iGirl App featured images
Think you’re talking to a real person when you’re chatting with iGirl? The magic of iGirl, that’s all. Anima AI has developed an app that can not only construct you a digital girlfriend but also learn from your interactions with her to make them feel more natural over time. She’s like a robot version of your wildest dreams!
Laura AI featured images
Laura is your level-headed, calm, and collected artificially intelligent girlfriend. As an assistant, she is primed to answer questions, translate, and have fascinating conversations. If you prefer your females on the quiet side, Laura is the one for you.
My Virtual Manga Girl featured images
Attention, Anime Lovers! Have you ever daydreamed about one of the anime series’ appealing female leads? With My Virtual Manga Girl, you may have your dream come true by chatting, singing, and dancing in 3D with an animated partner!
Romantic AI – Chat Girlfriend App, featured images
This is more than simply a dating app; it’s a love story told through technology. RomanticAI provides the most lifelike girlfriend experience possible by leveraging cutting-edge NLP and ML techniques. Change her appearance, her personality, and even her interests. Continue on to write each other letters, take tests about your relationship, and more!
CoupleAI – Virtual girlfriend App, featured images
Have you ever wished you had a digital sweetheart with whom you could watch movies or play video games? CoupleAI makes this a reality at last. This app employs natural language processing and machine learning to simulate real communication, creating a fun and original take on the traditional “virtual girlfriend.” With over 100k downloads, it’s surely an app worth trying.
Replika: My AI Friend App featured images
Replika is a digital buddy app that takes things to the next level. You can make a digital companion that interacts with you just like a real person with the help of this app. Your artificially intelligent companion can take on your appearance, interests, and even character qualities.
Smart Girl: AI Girlfriend featured images
Meet Smart Girl, your one-stop-shop for all kinds of girlfriend chatting needs, affirmations, and reminders. It’s powered by cutting-edge NLP and ML, so you may personalize your virtual girlfriend’s appearance and personality for a compelling experience. Launched in 2023, and it already has 10k+ downloads and people are loving it! You should also try it.
My Virtual Girlfriend Julie featured images
Julie is more than simply a companion; she entertains with games, banter, and other fun activities. Change her appearance to suit your tastes and have fun with an exciting virtual romance. Julie can also do actions that a girlfriend does! Check out and see it for yourself.
Anima: AI Friend & Companion featured images
Myanima is a fun and flirtatious online girlfriend that uses chatbot technology. Alter her outward look, and a natural language processing–powered dialogue will ensue. She’s like the ideal cybercrush: attractive and available whenever you need her.
My Virtual Girlfriend Cindy featured images
Cindy is your new best digital friend and confidante. See how she reacts to your input (posing, spinning, etc.) and share your ideas and feelings with her. But you know what is the big catch? Cindy can communicate with you in several different tongues. Your human girlfriend might get tired of hours of talking, but Cindy here is the real deal! She can talk for hours without getting tired. Cindy has over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store, so she might be good right?
Anima: AI Friend & Companion featured images
Your artificially intelligent companion Anima is more than simply a chatbot; she’s also a digital counselor, your wife, your boyfriend, and many more. Tell your online friend all your problems, and they will magically disappear. If you keep talking on this app, it will get to know you and your preferences. It has over 1M downloads and a 4.3 rating!
Chatbot My Virtual Girl featured images
Customize your virtual girl with advanced chatbot and enjoy the company of a companion you created. This virtual girl chatbot not only understands your feelings and language, but also shares humor with you. Meet new people who share your interests, laugh at your jokes, and have the chatbot reply on your behalf. An entertaining and effective approach to meeting a cybersex partner.
Wink – friends & more app screenshots
Wink combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to chat with your real-life buddies while also making phone calls. Make a profile, talk to people, and even participate in activities like “truth or dare.” This blend of online and offline socializing is fascinating.
Source: Yander AI Girlfriend Stimulator
Have you ever wished you could date a Yandere, the desirable female protagonists of many anime and manga series? The convenience of having a Yandere girlfriend is at your fingertips with this app. The AI relationship will be a roller coaster of warmth and possessiveness, and it will make you want more.
While AI Girlfriends can’t fully replace real-life human buddies, they’re a lot of fun in their own right. It’s entirely possible that among all these possibilities lies your next favorite digital hobby. If you want to get creative, we have also covered top 5 tools to make AI generated Hentai on our blog, do give it a read to learn more.
Absolutely! With the Anima App, your digital girlfriend can also serve as a digital counselor. She’ll hear you out and offer advice to make you feel better. Keep in mind, though, that it relies on AI; if you have any truly pressing concerns, you should always seek out human assistance.
With “My Virtual Manga Girl” and “Yander AI Girlfriend Simulator” apps, you can have conversations with AI-powered girlfriends that look like the hot female protagonists of your favorite anime. Any fan of anime would consider this a dream come true.
Yes. The AI girlfriend you create with apps like “RomanticAI” and “Smart Girl” can be tailored in practically every way. You have complete control over her appearance, behavior, and even her pastimes. What an exciting online dating experience!
Totally! “My Girlfriend Cindy,” for instance, can communicate in more than one language. She will understand whatever language you speak to her. The goal is to provide you with the most pleasant and interesting AI girlfriend experience possible.

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